Sleepless nights

Anyone else in the same spot with withdrawls? Hate feeling alone while the world sleeps


Yes I’ve been there but it gets so so much better! Hang in there!

Just got day one over. Probably had about 3 hours sleep last night broken. But already looking forward to my bed tonight. Got a meeting with a counsellor today. First time I’ve tried this. Hopefully another 5000 day ones to come in a row.

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It takes time …you get that infamous 4hrs for a while…its rough at first my bed look like a hurricaine hit it everynight and id fight with pillows. The quality of that 4hrs will get better … Now i can say every pillow stays on the bed …lol exersize and hydrating are the two best things u can do…you can try meletonin or some chamomile tea before bed. It never helpped me much but maybe for others…

Literally day 2, have had 3 hours of sleep across those 2 days. It sucks so much, especially if you have to be productive during that time, but i have faith things will get better - every night sleepless increases the chance i get to sleep the next night

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Natural Calm magnesium is good stuff for sleep AND will keep you pooping, which I am horrified to say is kinda a thrill these days. Lord!! Anyway…yes, sleep can be elusive in early days, but eventually it does get better. Give the magnesium a try. I also sometimes take 2 mg of melatonin for a few days which helps me.

I don’t take them together. :+1:

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Plus one on the melatonin, it helped me bigtime!!!


I drink something called Get some Zzz’s by The Republic of Tea. It contains Valerian root extract. Knocks me out every time and I don’t feel groggy the next day.

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I take 10mg of melatonin, 800 mg of magnesium 25 mg of Benadryl and a cup of Yogi bedtime tea. Works pretty good.

Made it thru…sitting on the floor while the shower runs for like a half hr seems to help me…on my sunburn sucks though lol. I fly home today so this will b the real test. My dealer lives 5 min from me n he has endless amounts somehow n i have plenty of money too which kind of sucks n even if i block him the texts still come thru a diff box n he always texts when he has my favorites. I’ll be over 48hrs by the time i get home. I also feel a sense of major boredom without them

And thanks everyone! Sorry im soo focused on myself right now lol

Ive also battled drug addictions my entire life. Ive had maybe 2 years total sobriety, constructively too. I try to keep telling myself you can get back there again! You were healthy and happy!

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You can…one day at a time. Today is a good day to be sober.

Might have to try valerian again…used it 25? years ago with some success. Any specific brand recommendations?

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Actually I feel good, it really helps me sleep thru the night. I’m slowly cutting back on the Benadryl

Man, melatonin gives me wicked, vivid dreams. I take 1 mg before bed to help me sleep. Anymore and it’s on to night terror city! I think my worst cravings come from the sleep issue. I truly miss my Klonopin for that reason.

I can’t take any of the antihistamines because the dreams and night terrors are off the charts With that stuff!

Republic of Tea Get some Zzz’s. You can google it. I think it’s chamomile, spearmint, valerian and something else ? It’s really nice.

I get weird vivid dreams with melatonin as well. Sometimes I’ll take half a Tylenol PM. An entire one leaves me pretty groggy in the morning

All the PM stuff has antihistamines in it. I had a psychiatrist tell me to take Z Quil once and after a week I was so sleep deprived from the dreams and night terrors I almost went back into the psych hospital. Haha, I can laugh about that experience now but damn was it crazy back then! I can’t use the Patch to quit smoking for the same reason. If only I could translate those weird nights into fiction, I’d be making a ton of money!