Slipped again... First hour

Dears, I could not survive the weekend with no drinking. I had 6 AF days and then weekend came and I found myself in my favourite pub (which is really a traditional remarkable place) ordering one drink after the others ‘deserving’ working all the weekdays. Now it is Tuesday but still in the first hour section. Shame. I clearly see that drinking (hiding in the street and pubs) cannot make my day better, cannot remove the feeling of emptiness. Right the opposite: it makes the morning hard, the next day is about drinking lots of water and pretending to be fine among colleauges. But since my adolescent I have had this feeling rising in the evenings: something interesting, important must happen before going to bed. And this ‘interesting and important’ thing is drinking some alcohol… Thanks guys for listening to me. God bless you all.


Hi @Bern ….is it about doing something “interesting” at this point in your life, or are you feeding the addiction you now have?

I ask that question, because I use to say the same sorts of things to myself. “I wanna get out and do something fun,” “I wanna socialize,” “I wanna feel normal.” The list of reasons can go on and on, but honestly…I wanted to drink. All the other so called “fun” things weren’t really that much fun.

You recognize there’s a problem…if you didn’t you wouldn’t be here.

The next time you look to go that pub stop and think about what it actually is that’s fun…look around the bar…look at the faces; many I’m sure you see every-time you visit. Are they happy; really?

Their consumers, and they are all there to satisfy the same unquenchable thirst that your struggling with…that we have all struggled with.

Alcohol is deceitful and all it will ever do is destroy….if you let it.

I’m glad you found this community…these folks here are the people you should surround yourself with.

I wish you health my friend…I wish that for all of us.

Fight for you…your the only one who can.


I’ve often felt the same way, in my drinking days. One thing that helped me a lot early on was to attend a fairly large AA group that meet at 5:30 pm. After getting to know some of the folks by coming early to help set up and staying late to help clean up, I found a group of other men who took me along with them out to dinner at different spots downtown. That social interaction was hugely important to me, and satisfied that feeling that “something interesting, important must happen”.

Blessings on your house :pray: as you begin your journey. And maybe stay out of pubs for now…


Try again. Ive been there. If I could stop so can you.

I feel like you will.


Thank you for your valuable thoughts, good questions you are asking, they make me think. Take care, all the best.