Small update and 60 days!

I have court today…and my attorney is asking to have this all thrown out since the allegations are “flimsy at best” fitting it’s on day 60!

I will update once I’m off my court call.


Good luck in court, you’ve got this!

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I pray for you to have the serenity to accept things you cannot change.

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Good luck. I’ll be praying for the best outcome

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They accepted the idea of in home services and UA tests 2 times a week (was currently dropping 4 times a week and 3 group counseling)

So during the next 2 weeks we will determine how to do in home services with this virus going around.

In 30 days I will see the judge and update the judge on my progress and she will determine if we close the case or not. My chances are pretty good since for 60 days 4 times a week my UA’s have been clean and I have attended all my classes 3 times a week as well as celebrate recovery once a week and AA 2-3 times a week.

Fingers crossed checking each day off 1 at a time…hey 90 days I’m coming for you!


This is great news. You’re doing all the right stuff. Keep it up.
Big Congrats on 60 days!!

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I’m glad you are able to put so much energy into building your sobriety. Being an active alcoholic or addict is a full time job, and it’s even more effort to get and stay sober. Props to you! :muscle:

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