Smoking Weed. Bad?

Just wondering… I won’t even have the opportunity again until next fall. I usually get a nice fat bag when I get laid off for the winter and toke up til it’s gone, then I don’t really think about it anymore til the next layoff.

Is that bad, for sobriety’s sake, I mean. I just don’t look at it the same way I look at drinking.


This has definitely been discussed numerous times in the forum.

My first thought is: If you are asking the question, you know the answer.

Second: Are you after sobriety, or just not drinking? Because, if you smoke marijuana, you’re not sober.

You get to choose what you want from sobriety. I know that my addiction to my DOC, alcohol, is far more about my emotions and wanting to escape, than physical necessity. I cannot pick up a mind-altering substance, because that would be taking me from sobriety. I am not just after being alcohol-free.


In my experience, yes.

It keeps the mood and mind altering door open.


So would it be cool for me to get a fat sack of heroin every now and then? Maybe if I don’t shoot it I’ll be cool?


The first question is why are you smoking? The second question is what is your sobriety goal? If you answer those honestly you’ll find your own answer.

For me, weed would be no different than wine. I would be using a substance to avoid dealing with life.


I’m mainly just seeing what others’ opinions are. I don’t think I wanna smoke anymore anyway if I’m being honest.


My rule for sobriety is sober = sober

Some equations that don’t work out:

Alcohol =/= sober
Weed =/= sober
Coke =/= sober
Meth =/= sober
Heroin =/= sober
Pain pill =/= sober
Nicotine =/= sober


I think you got your answer here already. If youre looking to live clean/sober then the answer is no to weed. No mood or mind altering substances. I tried smoking in my first month or two and it felt awkward and wrong. We cant live a life of sobriety when we’re high.

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Sounds like you are just curious about what people think versus what people think you should do. Sometimes people get the two mixed up.

I’ve been not only Alcohol free for but sober for 1.5 months now and I’ve decided to continue to stay off any other substance including THC in any form because of the fact that my brain and mental capacities and abilities have gone through the roof since I quit. Every day seems to bring more improvements. I’ve also really started to pay close attention to drinkers and weed users and honestly I’m
Not impressed. Even when they aren’t drunk or high. They are slow. Their potency of ability is weakened and it shows quite vividly when looked at closely. I’m not saying they are stupid by any means just not as powerful as they could be. If you start watching the people around you and you do you own secret lab test you might find it as interesting as I do.


So i consider my soberness to be how i want to maintain being sober for myself.

I smoke weed everyday. I recently traveled to California for vacation(still here) its legal here. My home state isnt legal for everyone. Jusy medical but only for termally ill or have glaucoma kinda thing. My doc were pills. Didnt matter what kind. When I overdosed i was taken off all of my Anxiety medication. I couldnt fuction without them. I couldnt leave the house at all. I taked to my dr about using weed to help me cope. She said if that os what would help be then to try it. (Mind you ive smoked weed off and on since i was 18. Im 27 now) I was completely different. My dr was amazing by how functional i was.

So honestly i understand sober is nothing mind altering. I am sober in MY own way. If you can smoke and not relapse then more power to you. If you relapse while smoking then you have your answer.

Best of luck bud.


My apologies. Your original post made me think you were smoking but wasn’t sure if that meant you weren’t sober. I didn’t realize it was hypothetical.

Yes, strictly hypothetical :slight_smile: sorry for the mix-up.

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Have you considered CBD oil for your anxiety, or is getting high still part of the enjoyment? If you were serious about sobriety there’s plenty of options available to cope with anxiety that don’t involve getting high.

I have trust me. I have extremely high anxiety… ive been in therapy for years, as well as dbt therapy, hypnosis, yoga, meditation, the only thing that helped was my benzodiazepines, i never abused those bc i knew i needed them for anxiety. I even went full blown plant based vegan and i just couldnt leave the house. Its not for the enjoyment anymore. Its strickly medical.

I know that for me, after long term pot smoking, that it actually made my anxiety worse. Do you journal?


i used all the drugs and alcohol as medicine towards the end…was so blind to the fact that it was the drugs and alcohol and weed for example that were making me anxious…
we can’t pick and choose the evidence to support our addiction…weed causes anxiety…
oh and I’m over 400 days clean and sober…and also don’t need any medication any longer.


Ok. I think it depends. What are your triggers, what are your reasons for being sober. My addictio was coke amd alcohol. I never smoked weed and often looked down on people who did. It was only after suffering crippling migraines that i took the plunge and smoked weed to help. So far it has helped reduce the frequency and intensity of my migraines. It doesnt rob me of my life. I can control my weed use. I could not control my coke use, so the experiences are totally different for me. I dont think there is a hard or fast rule.


Yes i journal everyday. Youd be surprised in the entries when sober completely vs when ive smoked through out the day. Its like night and day.

Its not that we are picking to be “sober” for me smokin weed isnt abusing drugs. Its legal. Its medical. Just like antibiotics, or blood pressure meds. It keeps me alive. I have 2 full time jobs. A year ago i was a unemployed, couch sleeping i wanna end my life human. I took my prescription meds and sat on the couch. Then i would pop non prescriptions that i had bought illegally. I have a life now. I have bettered myself by not taking another pharmaceutical in my body. Minus over the counter.

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In terms of safety, marijuana has largely been demonized. When compared to alcohol, it can be used relatively safely without the risk of death from binging, with few drugs interactions, and with far less impact on one’s long-term health.

And, unlike alcohol, which has absolutely no health benefits, marijuana is frequently used to alleviate pain, stimulate appetite, and enhance moods—three properties that can be invaluable to those in the throes of alcohol recovery.