Snapping at people and loved ones

I’m early in sobriety/ clean time almost 90 days. I have noticed I snap at my loved ones alot and I’m a jerk to strangers sometimes. I dont remember doing this while I was using. Can anyone relate?


I have experienced this a little and to an extent,this too shall pass don’t worry. Apply the serenity prayer when neccesary. :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Just yesterday I had a good friend tell me I’ve become “snappy”. She hadn’t seen me in a while and I’m at 60 days.
I hadn’t noticed it but after reading this maybe she’s right.


yes there is a lot I don’t remember. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


I’m now understanding why I probably got blocked a lot on FB back when I had social media, I can tell ya that much… 🤦 :joy: :neutral_face: It was my own perspectives that needed to be changed… I’m working hard to change those behaviors rather than saying “Go to Hell”… At least I’m trying to discuss my thoughts and gather more information before tearing out footers and burning bridges as where before I didn’t care… :100: I like following people who call me out on my :ox::poop:… It changes me for the better… :grin:


Let’s see… you are living you life without numbing yourself to the things you used to numb yourself to, which if you were like me, is almost everything. That kind of explains the reason why.

I had to find a program where there were people very much like me where I had to learn to live sober. Sometimes I still feel like telling everyone to go shove it.
But things do change if you work at them.


I remember those days lol

Oh hell no… I would have blocked me too… :joy::100: But I do really hope to break every one of those horrible habits… :100: I don’t like being a person who sucks the life out of other’s… Especially people who are struggling their own battle… I’m understanding how to do that here better than I ever have anywhere else though that’s for sure… :100:


Yeah the last 10 years I’ve been struggling with meth real bad. You dont really blackout on it. I feel like it kind of calmed me down or like dumbed me down so I was like super chill all the time. Now I feel like I have to much energy and no filter when talking to my family and babys mom

Ah yes, becoming who we are! No, we aren’t all snappy assholes all the time or beneath the alcohol. :wink: Those first several months in sobriety are uncovering all the layers of numbness the alcohol gave us. All those feelings we never addressed? All those emotions we blunted with alcohol? They are all still there, waiting to be let out. At least that is how it felt to me. And I was raw and snappy and trying to figure out how to be and feel as a human without alcohol or a hangover or the shame and anxiety that is alcohols calling card.

Learning how to not react instantly, but more thoughtfully, was a big step for me. I was very reactive in early sobriety (and in all honesty, I am still reactive at times 3 years sober…progress, not perfection). So…being aware of it is a great first step! Learning to observe our emotions…feel them come, see them go…was important for me.

If you are feeling edgy…lord knows I do plenty!!!..I find a walk or a sit down to listen to a short meditation (perhaps on letting go or self compassion) is helpful. Finding ways to slow my nervous system is one key to my recovery.

Great topic! Thanks for sharing. :heart:And keep being inquisitive!


I was always snapping at people while under the influence or with a hangover. At work I always had that “STFU, leave me alone” attitude. In the rehab center they gave me Aggression Replacement Training. Its better now… Sometimes I am snapping at people because I have cravings. but not as often anymore as in active addiction.

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I am doing this too. Those I love the most get the worst of me. This is what I am trying to fix. Vicious cycle.

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