So chuffed :)

Hi guys, hope you are all ok and today’s been a good day on our journey? Hope you don’t mind but wanted to sing from the rooftops and share my evening with you. I’m 16 days sober and tonight was the night I was dreading most over the whole holiday in regard to staying sober. My husband’s brother and sister (and their respective partners) were coming to ours for dinner to see if bridges can be built following a rift some years back. Normally in a situation like this I would have knocked back two glasses of wine for courage before they arrived and as they were all drinking, would have been easy to join in. I didn’t, it was only hard for the first 10 minutes and then easy after that. I did wonder whether the last bits left in bottles of wine would be a temptation but nothing, so pleased with myself :slight_smile:


Awesome for you! That just shows what you are capable of! You got it!

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Great job! @PeppermintTea

At Christmas my relatives went through several bottles and one had maybe half a glass left. I eyed it for a while and then promptly poured it down the drain. In my head I was like, yeah! Peace out temptation. :wink:

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Thanks guys! So glad I found this app and you lot, no way I would have been successful otherwise :slight_smile: