So cringey

anybody else get super cringed out when they look at their facebook/social media from when they were drinking or using?
like, i judge myself so hard. Should i cut myself some slack?
and if you don’t use social media, it could be texts, or emails. i posted something on here under seeking help awhile back when i was drinking still, and going on a big rant and i read it the other day and felt like an idiot reading it.




I mean, you can delete posts from socisl media, and whatever they say, noone will bother with datamining their secret copies and blackmail you with it.

But the cringe remains!

Your not alone… I hate old photos of myself from my past I got a few as a reminder to never touch drugs again! I was a mess ! X

Always. So embarassing. Then there’s usually comments people have already made which means they’ve seen it before you can get around to deleting it. I have been getting really good at putting my phone away while drinking but of course there’s always slip ups. I’m on day 2 I’d sobriety so hopefully this is never an issue again!

I often remember things I’ve done and physically feel myself burning up with embarrassment, I’m harmless but I’m fucking stupid sometimes. The last one was having a drunken conversation with 2 ten year old kids about how they feel about the coverage of terrorism and are they concerned, I was trying to tell them the world is not all bad. This to me was a very very deep and meaningful chat. I vaguely remember being told by 2 men that they were just kids and told to leave. I’ve never been back to that pub and to this day I still don’t know if they thought I was a phedepfile or a terrorist.

Hooray for Facebook Memories, right??? Ugh.

Yes, because you can’t change yesterday. You can be better today, and in doing so, change what tomorrow would have likely been, had you been drinking.


omg YES. i would get on fb and fire my mouth off. ugh, so embarrassing. and the things i would text to people… giiiiirl, i’m so glad those days are gone! :face_vomiting:

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Yes! Those are all things on my list of drunk stuff I don’t have to worry about anymore. Drunk calls, texts, posts…no more waking up to check my phone…glad that is all behind me.


Drunk calls/texts/I’m right you’re wrong Facebook posts…I was the KING of that stuff. Ugh. Nothing like waking up and looking at your phone to see who you pissed off and how, and then going on damage control for everything.

Do not miss that at all.


I’ve been messed up for so long I didnt even have a cell phone when I started. FB wasnt even that big yet but I still understand. I never even created social media bc I didnt want anyone to know what was happening in my life. I’d see people from high school out at bars and they’d be like “what happened to you? Where have you been?” Hiding in my own little shitty world.


I deleted all record of such things. Photos where I’m drunk/drinking (all those wild college photos), texts/messages sent while drunk, etc. All of it, scrubbed. I only had fb so it was easy enough to clean up, just dealing with one platform. Why did I delete them? I look to the future. I remember my mistakes and idiotic behavior, but I don’t need or want tangible reminders of them for myself or others. There’s very few people still in my life from back then, too. I cut most out and began anew. I don’t associate with that old version of myself. That guy is long dead.

That was a few years ago. Now I don’t have social media at all any more, aside from this forum. Been a little over 6 months since I rid myself of FB and it has been great.


Like having gum on your shoe. Yes, I stepped in gum, but I don’t need to be reminded of it with each step I take, going forward. I scraped it off. I also try to not step in any more gum.


Yes, done the drunken text and messenger as well, get bad anxiety looking back at them. I not deleted my Facebook or messenger it is still active but deleted the app off my phone. Cut myself from all social media for the time being it just gets my back up anyway. That’s why I like be on here more private and we all similar, support each other and know and understand what we are all going through.


I have an insta account full of beautiful pics I took while I was still drinking and in my early sobriety. I’ve tried to watch those pics but it’s too painful. They remind me of how ugly I felt inside when tried to find beauty in this world to keep me alive


Funny you should say that, I was looking at some old photos on my phone last night and i had that same feeling.
They were only random pictures, selfies, nature, some of my daughter, food etc but they all took me back to a very dark time, I didn’t know it then, but being me now looking back to then felt very sad and full of shame.


I’m off the social media for a while now, but for me the grossest were the posts with me and my boys where people are like “best dad”, “#1dad” n stuff cause I posted a project we build or something, but the reality was I was on a binder and ofter 8 deep at noon then didnt hear them crying at night cause by then i was 22 beers in.

Fuckin disgusting.

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Isn’t that horrible… but then I thought that there will be a day when I’m able to look at those pictures feeling compassion rather than sadness or shame. And that’s when something very important has changed for better in me


So true, being able to love and have empathy and compassion for ALL the stages in our life is important. Even those years where we were in the throes of addiction. Our hurt selves need our compassion just as much as our healing selves.