So far.. So good. 200 days


200 days ago I woke (having blacked out for a few minutes during a party with heavy drinking) with a hangover that lasted a week.

A heavy, dark, perhaps even depressed, mood followed for another 2 weeks.

I’m 44. I’m ex military. I’ve always been in jobs that have a drinking culture since I was 17.

But I said, no more booze.

I don’t post often. But this is a thank you from me to you guys. I read your stories, the ups and downs. And it helps me in my weak times.

So i’ll raise a brew…Tea, strong, no sugar. And say ‘Cheers, and all the best to you guys and gals fighting the fight’

You have my utmost admiration x


Congrats 200 days is huge!


That’s a beautiful piece of work!


What do you attribute most to your success?


Aw man… Don’t know… But here’s some things I think help me

1,the absolute desire to quit
2,seeing people like Slash, Sixx, Duff etc, my guitar heroes being sober and rocking it
3,my wife
4,this site and the talking sober app. Don’t underestimate the power of the posts on here
5,being brutally honest with myself… I blacked out. That’s a big danger sign. I can’t have that happen ever again.

This is what gets me through.


Kudos. Keep it going.


Thanks for sharing. This is really inspirational :two_hearts:


Congratulations on 200 days. Keep up the hard work.


Holy cow, man! 200 days is a big dang deal. Congratulations! Raising a chai latte right back to you…

…especially since you are almost my twin in many ways. Well, I’m a gal and non-military - but I’m 44 years old and 204 days sober here. Well done, us!:wink:


Thank you, it means a lot


Well, it’s getting there!


Thank you and - that’s the plan!


I’m not sure about that, but thank you for your comment x


Thank you very much. One day at a time… weird… i used to laugh at that phrase… but it’s so important to focus on the now.


Chai latte!?! I’ve never tried! Perhaps i’ll treat myself!

Congrats to you too ! Being alive and feeling it is freaking awesome!


Congratulations :muscle::heart: what an inspiration to those just starting out (like me).

Wishing you all the happiness and strength on your journey forward x


Chai lattes are like heaven in a cup :heart_eyes:


You’ve sold me… I gotta try.


You’ve started. That was the hardest part for me. Good on you! Be strong and use this Web site. It’s worth it


Any day an alcoholic stays sober is a gift. And it seems like you’ve been enjoying yours! Kudos to you.