So had my first relapse nightmare last night felt awful


Felt terrible to feel drunk and high in my dadgum dream last night talk about feelin horrible and not bein about ta sleep after that woke up at 12 am and couldn’t stay asleep very well after that, but it was a horrible feeling, here i am tryin ta be sober an whatnot them bam!!! first relapse dream. How ta not have any more a those dreams ever again. And guts on here vegan as well as country boys too it’s tough to find y’all gettin new boots soon they’re synthetic leather too awesome


I remember when i got clean a while back i was struggling with relapse dreams. Its so scary! But you woke up another day clean and sober and props to you. Hang in there xoxo


I had one of those a few weeks ago, realistic as hell !!
When I woke up, I was even more upset with myself than usual.
But then I thought about it, and realised that it was just a dream… whew…


I know that feeling, they suck I feel so guilty in my dream then n I wake up feeling guilty, its just reassuring to me that is how I would feel if I did drink…I thank God they are just dreams.


Thanks for all the feedback y’all, yeah it’d be kinda crappy if i ever did mess up I’d feel soooooooooo bad because i made a promise to myself first and foremost but also to my wife that’s I’ll never drink again, thank God my mama raisin me right, because if it been for that woman teachin me the right way, i may have hurt my wife badly physically, but it still scared her and she almost left me so no drink again will enter this here bloodstream y’all