So happy I am sober

9 days sober and although I miss drinking I am pretty proud of myself. Let a few people in on my sobriety cause it seemed appropriate. Basically got no reactions (was I that good at hiding my drunkenness?) but I will continue because I am primarily doing this for me. Going to visit family for the weekend and I am concerned about staying sober. But I realize if I do not drink I won’t have to worry about drinking too much, making a fool of myself and then having to do an “apology tour” afterward. The sober business is tough but it has it’s perks.


I lol @ apology tour!:smile: Show them how great you are sober!

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You can do this. Think of how proud you will be getting thru it sober!!

@MamaUrsus what a great opportunity you have to spend some quality time with your family while being sober. Enjoy it and we’ll done on your 9 days so far. Keep it up :+1:

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@MamaUrsus you definitely got this and can do this. I’m 63 days free off opioids (norcos polls) and didn’t think I can do it but I’m enjoying my sobriety little by little everyday and thankful I’m able to enjoy it. Dealing with a lot of past trauma is difficult while trying to stay sober… one hell of a ride that’s forsure… I’m doin this for myself as well every other time was for someone else or because I got pressured to stop not wanting to and that did not last very long at all… you can not help someone who doesn’t want to be helped and that includes ourselves. Keep it up you can do it!

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Drinking brings with it that ‘making a fool of yourself’, the fear of ‘drinking too much’ and the ‘apology tour’, as you’ve said…so, there’s nothing to miss really! I don’t think you really miss all that, right? Now you have something exciting and enjoyable to be gained: confidence, recovery, self-respect and a journey towards joy and freedom in life. Rejoice, this is the direction you’re headed now, 9 days in and hopefully many more to come. Don’t idolise alcohol, I find it more helpful to be honest with myself about what it really is, poison. keep doing this for you! 9 days is amazing btw, well done :blush:


Today I am celebrating 15 days so I know what you are going through. They say…This journey is not going to be easy but going to be worth it. I believe it because I already feel 100% better. Last night we had friends over for dinner and tonight the same thing. There are moments when I wished I could have a drink with them but quickly remind myself that one will lead to two and two will lead to three… Its a vicious cycle. I LOVE waking up in the mornings with no hangover and remembering everything I’ve said and done. You and I started this journey for a reason. Let’s not let one moment wreck it for us. We are worth it :heart:. (Big hug)

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