So I tried dating

I’m 151 days in and tonight I went on a date for the first time since I made the change. I have been honest about my reasons fir stopping and the uncertainty of a future drink. For now I’m just saying sober year although I like the change and see no reason to drink. She does. She can. And there was a big part of me that worried about how uncomfortable having the after work drink would be for us as she could have Guinness and I was there with my club soda. Sure enough the was a moment of why am I doing this, just get through the next hour and go home. Well that moment passed quickly and we had a nice 3 hour dinner. I guess sober Graham did good enough to earn a second date. So that’s cool.


Great job bruh

Fantastic. Congrats!

I’d agree, very cool indeed @Graham_Hoffman!

Yeah Buddy!

Thanks all and I should have been clearer, I hardly ever date or go out. My schedule, especially in the summer months, is ugly. And I also don’t care to waste my time going out with every person that comes along. When I drank it was the same because I didn’t want to waste bottle of bourbon or 20 Miller lites time on getting to know someone. And even if I did control the intake eventually within a few dates crazy blackout me showed up. However, being sober everything is much more present. And that is a nice little find out thing in this new life.


Super cool!!! So happy for you!

Well done.

What a great speech

Welcome @JULIANBOBO1 :+1:

That’s awesome man. I myself and interested to see how sober dating goes for myself eventually… When I’m ready lol. Still have some issues to resolve first :man_shrugging:t3:

Congrats! Glad things went well. I am nervous about sober dating eventually because I used to usually either be buzzed or wasted when I went out :confused:. It’s inspiring to hear that your date went well.

Way to go!!!

Just caught this haven’t logged in for a while. Funny you mention working on some you things before getting back out there. After that post I realized the same thing. I stepped away for another 3 months.
Around my year of sobriety i met a girl and we’re still together. I’m still sober and things are great! Hang 8n there best of luck


Thank you man. That is inspiring and just nice to hear. I see woman at the gym or the beach and think damn I should pursue this… I have to remind myself to be patient a lot. Sex would be nice right now but I don’t need sex, I want it. Right now I have to continue with my needs over wants. I need to rebuild my life, progress in my sobriety, sex and woman isn’t required for that…