Sober and loving it!

I’ve got 8 days today ya’ll!!! The suboxone is working great for me, just like I knew it would!! I’m so excited to start my new life/story!!


That is awesome! Way to go proud of you. I also was on suboxone where I did my 28 days in rehab. A few weeks ago the director of Dopesick,I haven’t seen the series,was interviewed by Bill Maher. He praised suboxone. I am 74 days clean after a ridiculously long ride on the crazy train. Never been this happy. Ever! Keep it going.


Great job! Keep it up

20 mg. 10 mg twice a day, the tablets. i hate em tho. I would rather have the films.

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Man you have got to see that show, Dopesick!!! It is sosooooooo good!! You will love it, I swear!!! Please give it a watch and let me know what you think?? Thanx!


So happy for you!!

Thank you!! I’m so grateful to have you guys


Way to go! And yes, it’s like getting a new life. Enjoy.

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Based on your chosen name I would like to know what is your favorite music to listen to.I used to watch waay too much television but since I got home from rehab I have been listening to music instead. I have a large collection and very eclectic. Lately I have been enjoying Spoon Lucifer on the Sofa, Beck Hyperspace and Arcade Fire We. Like a lot of jam bands as well. How bout your likes?

So happy to hear this. Wishing well in your journey. Thanks for sharing.

Metal mainly, but I like my rap, country, Indie, hell I love ALL music!!! I just went KnotFest on June 3rd and it was f****** awesome!!1

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Thanks for sharing. I love vinyl being a hippie from the late 60s. Just dropped the needle on Siamese Dream oldie but goodie,like me

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