Sober Ceremony

Attending a wedding today. I’ve survived two in sobriety. To me, weddings present a particular challenge. Sometimes it’s perceived as a slight that you won’t toast with champagne or have a celebratory drink. For normal drinkers, it’s a totally reasonable time to have a few drinks. For me, it’s a minefield. I was hoping people could share their wedding stories and any advice so I can sneak away and read here and there. Thank you to everyone who contributes!

Hi BattleMage, I always have an exit plan, make an excuse to leave early if you need to. It’s helped me numerous times when even a simple thought of drinking came to mind.
Hope this helps, stay strong!

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Does it need to champagne you toast with? Can you ask for ginger ale in a champagne flute?

I would just keep a non-alcoholic drink in your hand as much as possible. Perhaps people will assume the Coke is a Rum and Coke.

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