Sober day 1

I’m barely on day 1 sober… it’s a long road ahead but I’m feeling confident this time.


@Anya welcome. We have your back and we believe in you. Take it moment by moment.

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@Anya the first few days were hard for me but I’m down 7 days :raised_hands::raised_hands:stay strong :muscle:t3:


Welcome @anya

Just take it day by day. Hour by hour. Minute by minute if you have to.

Hi @Anya and welcome here 🙋
This app is a great tool to fight your addictions so I’m glad you found us.
Feeling comfident is a good feeling to get strenght from. First days are difficult, but the longer you are sober/clean the easier it will become.

What helped me in the beginning was stripping my house from alcohol (that’s my doc) and filling my fridge full with nice foods and alcohol free drinks. Don’t forget the sweets! You will probably get a sweet touth because of quitting. It’s just temporary and it helps with cravings (at least it did for me)
1 year sober now, if I can do it you can too!! :facepunch:
Go grab it!!


Welcome Anya, good you are here. This forum helps me a lot for staying sober. And it will help you :muscle:t3::+1:t3::blue_heart:

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Welcome @Anya! Congratulations on deciding to stay sober! Try focusing your day on other things you enjoy, reading, podcasts, talking to friends, yoga, work out, work…
You can do this! Keep it going!

Hi @Anya you have taken the first step I hope you do well take all the help you can get

Wishing you strength, a sense of peace, and a pat on the back for posting. I will be thinking of you.

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You can do it! Just one day at a time…

Glad you made it back. Be grateful for that, some people don’t have that choice. I’ve dealt with a heroin addiction for the last 6 years with some clean time in between but i made it back…luckily. Once you get clean the hardest thing than not using, is using and making that decision to stop again.
1 day= 1 win
Stay Strong :muscle: