Sober : Day 15


I am Ande. I used to start with a glass of wine and end up drinking the whole bottle and start on a second bottle every night. I have been cutting down the past 7 months until I stopped . I have been feeling very bloated a bit nauseated and my stomach has been very sensitive, like a stomach flu. I son’t sleep good . I wake up with cramps . I even changed my eating habits except for today I went a bit overboard. I went this morning to get lab work done . I felt better while I was drinking compared to when I stopped . I was going threw a divorce last year so the binge eating and drinking got out of hand at night time. I was miserable during my 11 yr relationship. He was sometimes verbally abusive and controlling . Not all was bad but I was sooo miserable. Stress over marriage and business played a huge part of my drinking to escape but mainly I drank because I was unhappy with my home life and trauma . Been going to therapy and I have lost some weight but I really feel like crap. My stomach never felt like this when I was drinking . Now that I quit why does it !!! Just needed not to feel alone.


Thank you. Just tired. Hard to find more in debt info on withdrawal symptoms then just a generic list on google search .

it’s enough to make you want a drink :rofl::rofl::rofl:not

edit - I’ve just read eat dark chocolate, this is going to be easy.

Thank you for the information. It is amazing the addiction cycle. When you detox the whole system is being disruptive. I experienced hallucinations the first couple of days. I was a bit on edge. I could have sworn my cellphone lit up and floated in the air lol. I grabbed it and ran to the kitchen scared shitless. This was when I woke up suddenly in my bed and saw phone floating. Some other crazy stuff happened. Now I know why people go back to drinking when symptoms are this bad. At 7pm when I start getting grouchy all I want to do is sleep this was my drinking time. This week is spring break I took my kids to Devil’s Den for snorkeling and I have been in a bad mood trying to hide it from them. Seems like screaming 9 years and my withdrawals system is not a good receipt for me right now. The place is absolutely beautiful . I love the sound of little girls having fun but yesterday I could not handle it . I went straight to bed to avoid ruining their good time. I could stick my head under ground while this ride is over . A sleeping serum would be good right about now while my body adjust to the changes . I was really good at hiding my drinking family and friends would not believe it was this bad. I stayed functional but my mind felt like it was under water during the day. I hated having hang overs and my breath smelling like a hang over. Then I learned if I started earlier in the evening it was less severe in the morning . God knows how nervous I was Driving to work in the morning feeling like I was still drunk worrying that I might get a DUI. That was when I started cutting down until I went cold turkey. I think is time to pick up stress management tools . You know since I am living by myself and ex-husband has been gone I have been handling my stress better. God he was so bad for my peace of mind. I would love to hear more stories from you all. I will go back and read other posts . Thank you for listening

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