Sober for 1 week


I can’t believe I’m been sober a hole week! I’ve never gone this long without a drink my hole adult life! I feel so strong. It’s like looking at the world with new eyes I’m more focused and determined. I’m back at the gym, I’m on form at work and sorry for the TMI But my sex life is amazing I had know idea how much drugs and alchol numb you! Bring on the next week, so happy :sunglasses:


Nice work Rich!


Sober for 3 days today. It’s Carnival time in my country and I feel like going out to get drunk and much more.Thank god I have an AA meeting I can attend to… heading there now.


Probably not best to go to a carnival so early. Maybe start smaller. I have my first AA meeting this Friday


I’ve been there during that time. Can’t be easy and I’m glad you have an AA meeting to go to. Way to go!


Congrats @Rich1!!! I’m 1 week today too. Yay us!!! I can’t believe what a difference 7 little days have made.


Greta job! I’m on day 3 and I’m not feeling so hot. How did you get yourself to focus on other things?


Did it to the meeting and it really helped. We tend to easily to forget the hell our addiction has put us trough. Sharing others experiences is a reminder that i need to say no to that 1st drink. I am home. Sober. Way to go :+1:t4:… 1 day at time.


I had to force myself I didn’t plan on going back to the gym this week but I needed something to distract me. And it paid off today’s my third day back at the gym and I feel great :slight_smile:


Day 4. I woke up much earlier this morning and feeling so great. Unfortunately sometimes the ones that are the closest, living with us do not understand our struggle. Well someone else was in a bad mood this morning and had to bring up some big argue. Feeling like my positive energy was drained instantly and now I am filled with anger. But i will not let anyone bring me back to that bottle. Deep inside I know it’s only me looking for any lame excuse to go take that 1st one. Glad I shared this, helps put the anger where it belongs. Feeling much better now.


Sharing is smart! And you know, people will have their issues. :musical_score:we got em too.

The task is to “keep your side of thr street clean”.


2 weeks today :blush:


Right on! How do you feel?


Like a different person! It’s like when I look back at the last few years it wasn’t even me. I’ve never felt so happy and in control in my life. The withdrawals and cravings are a bit of a bitch but it doesn’t last forever :slight_smile:


@Rich @xine…8 days here…I’m as amazed as you are…feeling sooooooo good and powerful and full of energy. I love it. Let’s keep this spirit going on :grinning:


1 month 11 days! :star_struck: