Sober for 29 days going on 30 :-)

Ok so here goes

Hi All,

My name is Shaun 36 of age and i’ve been sober now for 29 days ( tomorrow will be 30 ) which is such a achievement for me. This is the 1st time i’m actually doing this after 16 years of booze on and off. I dont know what clicked in me, but i decided to take on this journey as i needed a serious change in my life. Sure there are days when i crave a drink,but when i do i supplement it for a walk, online blogs or a glass of water.

Here’s to the next 30 days!



Congrats Shaun!! That’s awesome!! Keep going my friend!! You’re doing great and we are all here for you for support. Sending you positive vibes…

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thanks so much @ariana2607 - finally i found a forum thats worth while and the people seem really genuine.

I think we all unite because we relate to one another. We have all been broken down, depressed, anxious… we have all felt low. Addiction sucks! When we have these negative emotions, I think we feel alone… well, I’ve felt alone. This forum showed me otherwise. I’m grateful for that, Shaun. Thank you for being apart of this forum @wakfers

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