Sober for 62days

Well i been sober for 62 days still feel tired sometimes & cant sleep some days but little by little it will get better. Sometimes when am stressed out kinda just wanna have like a shot smh. Havent thought about drinking or taking a shot till the other day smh. Hopefully i dnt fall into temptation


Well done :blush:stay strong :muscle:

Hello, thank you for your share. I’m 99 days and there are times that I want to have a drink. What keeps me in line is AA… I have to be reminded that I can’t just have 1 drink… my alcoholism won’t allow just one. One always turns into 10 :expressionless: stay strong… you’re doing great!


Thanks & i will try & stay strong. The same to u stay strong keep going i wanna hit 90 days sober baby steps @ariana2607

Well do thanks @Darren_Coakelin

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Congrats! I still get the urge to drink at 81 days
I feel like it’s gonna take a long time for that to go away lol keep up the great work


Yeah thanks.
& congrants on ur 80 days keep going bro. Nice that u wanna stop qith energy drinks i gotta do da same

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Congrats on 62 days!!! I’m still getting the cravings and I’m also in the 60’s. They are lessening though, but every now and then I think how it’d be nice…

I then remind myself how it’s not worth it and I’d rather not feel like shit the next day.


You got this!!