Sober from Tramadol and Xanax, daily check in for motivation



Me too. I probably can tell you minute details of every freaking inch of my bathroom. Hahaha. Gross yea but true.


I’m so glad you slept, even a little. Everyday it gets better physically. I’m finding out that just about the time most physical symptoms leave, the mental just creeps in and smackes you on the face !!! I hate everyone and everything right now BUT I’m sober, we are sober, so the battle continues. I can say that this mental is more bearable than when I was using… But it still really sucks. Do you have a plan in place for your sobriety ?


Hey ssup, I hope you are doing super awesome. Well tbh, I have seen so much negativity last few years, I am kind of desperate now. Also I am alive after doing such insane things over such long period of time so who knows what i can do if I stay sober. I just regret that i could’ve started it earlier nonetheless I am happy that I am finally doing it. I am a little better today,my legs are still misbehaving but way less than ever. And you what that too without medicines. In last few days I often thought this will not end anytime soon or not end at all.
I really really appreciate how you guys take out time to reply and motivate me. I will check in here to share what’s going on.


My primary plan is to get back to work asap. But I made a point that I will not rush as well. I will do small freelance works before getting into a studio fulltime. I will try to relocate as well.
I will start working out again. I loved to lift weights and i guess i will feel great if i hit the squat rack. I always wanted to learn kick boxing, finally i think i can do it. I am strongly advised to do so by my Dr as well.
Mainly the plan is to keep myself busy,tired and focus on my recovery, attend meetings etc.
I don’t want to make any long term plans now cause I dont think I can handle the pressure of following up. May be after 5-6 months I will rethink bout the plans but not now.


That’s a great plan.


Hi everyone, I am doing better though I still have the sleep issues. Rls is lot less but can’t really sleep. Feeling drowsy throughout the day.
Worked a little today and the difficulties are way less than before. Basically, starting the work is a big hurdle cause i am feeling low on energy and sleepy. If I can pass that initial block, things are not even half bad.


So happy for you. I know sleep is an issue but it will come. Keep us posted ! You did this, keep it up :grin:


Great! The tiredness will unfortunately hang on for a awhile. Stay hydrated and take your vitamins!


Hows it going? Just wanted to check in on you.


The sleep will come after time. That 4 hrs of crappy sleep will turn to 4 hours of quality sleep at about 30 days. Then u will gain about an hour every 30 days. Hang in there! Everyday your getting closer to freedom


Produced recorded and mixed a small track of 30 seconds for a YouTube content content creator. Clients are happy.
Its getting better day by day. No doubt, loving it.


Anything there to try for sleeping?any supplements or anything?


Yeah i am drinking 4 litters of water plus having a lot of juicy fruits. Having iron, folate, magnessium and zync supplements with multivitamin everyday.
Can I take some creatine monohydrate with whey or something?


I m glad you did. Its going smoothly so far except sleep. Any sleep aid you know?


If i start a little heavy workout will it help? My back is fine now according to reports and i can lift weights again. Also, can I take some whey and creatine to combat this tiredness?


I’m not familiar with that supplement. The whey would be ok for protein and amino acids though.


Okay. There are others like branched chain amino acids etc. I am just getting hungrier day by day so thought i would try chocolate milk with whey. I am just impulsively eating but I am not thinking much bout it. Just had a full tub of ice cream and I can easily have one more. Are there any generalised food recommendations for this stage?


Fiber is your friend as it helps to make you feel full, provides a ton of nutrients and can help crave those sweet cravings with fruit and vegetable like carrots, pomegranate, apples…etc. Braggs also makes a amino acid tonic which you can add to salads and other things. Whey protein works good, but if you can get your proteins from plant based foods, that is highly recommended. They have those in powder forms. The reason I prefer those is that there nutrient profile is much better absorbed by the body and more beneficial. The important thing to remember is to not overload yourself with protein (unless your a muscle builder). The reason fo this is that it puts an added load on your liver which is already been under stress due to substance abuse. A proper balance is your best bet and understanding what vegetables are best raw or steamed is a great start to learning more about how you can get the best out of your diet.


Lol I’m not the person to ask on this one. Bill is better at eating than me! When I got sober my motto was “I eat and drink anything as long as it’s not alcohol!”


I ate my ass off in the begininng of detox. I work in construction doing comcrete work so i get plenty of exercise. It helps dont get me wrong but more so for energy and keeping motivated…