Sober from Tramadol and Xanax, daily check in for motivation



Yea. That’s so huge… I’m hoping for natural sleep soon. I’m so glad that you mentioned that you excepted no more, ever.

Long story, maybe I’ll share another time, but not by my choice my DOC is still in my house by another user so I struggle. I don’t know where but I know it’s here. I know I can’t and won’t but at the same time I only seem to remember the good stuff lately. I catch myself and have to force memories of all the bad to snap out of it. So I’m mourning the loss of that relationship. Thank you for being such an inspiration for me…


That would have been hard on me to know its in the house. Im sure early u tried to search like any addict and those idle hands n thoughts will get better over time. I pretty much X out almost all my friends but the ones that quit with me and we work together. We are both the same time clean we talk about things. I kinda put the work in reading alot on here understanding addiction more then i did and he kinda stayed clean because i did. So sometimes your actions can help others never give up!


Yes absolutely.


I am super happy to hear that man. You are killing it.


Please share your story whenever you feel comfortable. I am all ears. Tbh, I can’t even fully understand your situation but what I can make out is,it is difficult. I don’t know how much I can help, but I will be here, i ll try to help(though I don’t have enough cleantime to offer help) You have done it so far with grace, you will do it anyway. Just know that my thoughts and good wishes are with you.
Bdw, I have completed 20 odd days without tramadol and xanax, first in almost 6 years.My last attempt lasted for 2.5 days hahaha.


You are never to new to help. It not only helps others, but more importantly it helps YOU to help others. Help away my friend!


21days completed. No physical problems anymore but a void is there. Particularly at the times of dosing. Sleeping fine with very little kinks. How are you? Hope everything is fine on your side.


I’m doing pretty damn good. My psychiatrist and I have been trying alternate medications to help with the anxiety, OCD, and sleep problems and I feel like we found a winner. Makes my cravings for Xanax and Klonopin pretty much non existent. 323 days clean.


5 more days to complete my first month. Today I was a bit low, had no work as such, mentally I was craving for something. This is a tricky part. Probably I need to get more work and start exercising seriously.
My doc said I need to drain my physical energy to a point where I would be exhausted.


I am emotionally unstable as well. Feeling super sad and lonely at times.


Yeah, never a bad idea if you don’t have anything else to keep you busy. I don’t have any time really where I’m not doing things. My brain is too sneaky to let it roam around unoccupied.


Well I can re join my last studio I was working. But it’s generally shitloads of works with lot of responsibilities and time constraints. If i am in, its easy 12-14 hours everyday, no sunday no holidays. Yeah it does not stay same throughout the year sometimes i can take weeks off but yeah generally its draining. Its mostly contractual work, you take up a film or part of it, you have to finish it before release, censor mixes, netflix mixes, previews its messy.
I talked about this with my doc and really felt that I might fuck up if I resume. I am not confident that i can pull off that kinda workload without drugs now.
So i am sticking with small works mainly, short films, music mixes etc. I am very slowly regaining my confidence but its far far away from optimum speed.
Now, this small independent works I am doing are not regular at all. So there is enough time, i am reading a lot, watching movies tv series but at the same time struggling to do it for long.


26 days clean. Last 2 days were bad, I was very low and depressed untill I stopped the bedtime Lyrica I was prescribed. I stopped yesterday, i feel more alert, functional and not so low today. I didn’t have any twitches last night so feeling hopeful that finally my body is starting to cope.
Still being very lazy most of the times but I am reading a lot now, i can finally concentrate. It is giving me a calming effect and I am falling asleep quicker.
Not bad at all.


I’ve been reading through your posts, I am one day clean from taking prescribed Tramadol. I have been on them the past 5 years. I am so tired of stressing more over them than I do things that really matter. I flushed what I had left today, honestly was very hard to do, but I did it for ME. Prayers that I can keep strong and kick this. Thankful for ppl like you that post bc I know it will help me along the way.


Hey Kristine32,you have taken the first step. Congratulations. It takes real courage to do it. You are strong and you can fight this. This forum is a god send, you will find crazy amount of super helpful people to help you, guide you through, motivate you. I check in few times a day to keep me motivated as well.
Since we share same chemical of choice, I guess there will be some similarities in withdrawals,though everyone reacts differently to different things. May be you can benefit from some things I did but yeah may be.
Please post here as much as you want and I will try my best to be responsive.It actually helps me a lot, tbh.
My best wishes and prayers are with you.Kill it.


Awful start of a day. Woke up severely depressed, feeling low, lost. I just wish that I survive today.
Haven’t slept for more than 2 hours total last night,max.
I feel such empty, feels like there is no reason of doing anything at all. My doc is on vacation as well. Can’t reach him.
I fear of losing it once again.
28 days clean bdw.


Hey @Chayans hope you are feeling better today. One day at a time we stay clean. Congratulations on 28days! Call a friend go to a meeting, read, do whatever it takes to get past this. Keep coming here too!


Yes indeed I am feeling better. Yesterday was something though. I took a long tube ride, then walked for 4-5 miles, unfortunately got into a fight, met a friend, took the last tube back home. I was exhausted and was less disturbed.
Anyway, I survived.
Thank you very much for supporting and motivating me. 1 more day and I will be a month clean. Fuck, yes.


So glad you stuck it out @Chayans!


30 days.It is possible, hahaha.