Sober Leg Selfies


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Why? Idk. I have some really horrible leg selfies though. :grin:

Lol, that’s a lot of leg…

Find me a better looking cat?

Can I add pics of my leg? Or is this just a thread for your legs?


My favorite is the one with the olive and pineapple pizza with no cheese…you know…your favorite kind :joy:


Okay, I’ll join the fun. I had to pull my Pj’s up for this glamorous shot :blush:


And you got the green ones…Bonus!!!


I know! Chanellos is not the best ever, but it is the happy medium. They have many veggie toppings including green olives and are open with delivery intil 3 or 4 am. And they came to that hotel. Across the water out here in Suffolk, Chanellos has shunned us.


These legs are awesome.


Oh i can do this.


I love globes…




This… is amazing lol.


Got it from my dad. Its sweet, the mountians are raised on it.


Do you like looking at it for current geography vs past countries that dont exist anymore discrepencies?


It is kind of awesome. I am still not sure why @Englishd decided to tag me in the first one. I mean, the hottest guy I ever dated had a crazy harsh farmer’s tan but I can’t remember talking about him and his ankles on here.


Is it a hammock?


Cause he’s like your trash covered lil puppy.


What?! dying


Sure is!! :slight_smile:


I have not done that, but now that you mention it, thats a good idea.