Sober Leg Selfies


1000hp. That’s fast. On just a 4. That’s some turbo!!


Curious, can someone explain the leg selfie?


You take a picture your leg or legs and you post it


Lol I get that :joy:. I’m more asking what’s the phenomenon about it?


If you go to very top of thread, you’ll get the history.


It is just silliness that turned out to be a little popular. I blame @Englishd and he blames me. Who cares though, right? If it gives you a chuckle and helped you feel good about sobriety for a moment then purpose surved.


It’s my very favorite thread!


Here’s an accidental SLS from today.


That’s a gorgeous print/painting!


:joy: can’t wait to get out of these


Ahhh 2 of my favourite loves! Dr Martens and the colour green :green_heart:


Great shoes, I have them too! :heart_eyes:


Another sober leg day


These legs have been sober 60 days.


Love da boots! My feet are constantly cold((


Thanks. I hate having cold feet :foot:


Congratulations!! 60 is awesome! :bouquet:



These must be your dancing shoes?


Nicely done on your 60 days!