Sober Leg Selfies


We love Mario Kart too! We are getting 2 more controllers this week so we can all play!


Little taste of home, yes?



We do Mario party!


Day 190. My family plays Fortnite, but my husband just bought red dead redemption (or whatever the name is) and so that happened all day yesterday.

Last night his character was “drunk” so the screen was all out of wack. I said I was so incredibly glad to not ever be drunk like that anymore. :heart:


Love the shoes!


We’re playing Red Dead redemption right now! That saloon scene was hilarious, and all too familiar. :grin:


Work (ugh today), then run (and stretching), then pumpkin carving. :jack_o_lantern::japanese_ogre:


Nearly the end of my first sober holiday!


How’s your holiday going? Any challenges? Insights? Better than expected?


I’ve had a fantastic time thank you. There have only been a handful of moments when I have looked at someone drinking red wine and wished I had one. But then I’ve reminded myself how I’d feel the next day. I’ve been able to wake up hangover free every morning and enjoy my day. The visit to the waterfall, quad biking in the desert, camel rides and the souks would have all been an effort if I’d been drinking. I’m hoping that since this holiday hasn’t been too much of a challenge…I’ll breeze through Christmas alcohol free too!


That’s great, sounds like an awesome time! I have my holiday planned around xmas time, I’m really looking forward to it while being sober (and nicotine free).


Where are you going?


We are going to Disneyland in California.

We are huge Disney fans, we’ve been going to Disneyland every xmas for the past 6 years now, and usually go at least twice a year.

Here’s the last time we went in last July, it was 115° then, record heat.


My kids have asked to go there. We have only made it to the one in Paris. I know a few people who have been and said it is amazing!


(found a tea I like! YOGI Sérénité/Calming)


Feels good. 10 days and counting.


Sober bus driving legs with silesian poppy cake on my lap. Not glutenfree but this day sucked soooo much! I.NEED.CAKE :rofl::kissing_heart:


That is good


87 days sober, watching West Wing.