Sober Leg Selfies


100 days sober legs relaxing after work with my favourite cat, or is she a bat? :thinking:


Either way she’s a bad*ss!)


My sober saturday legs and sneeky showing my new ring :sunglasses: My for 5 months sober present :ring:


What a cool ring, you’re boots are pretty cool too.


Thank you! They are new too :sweat_smile:


following fox tracks like a sober ninja…


And bright! Lol


Uploading: 20190225_133932.jpg…
Decompress by reading at lunch.


Nice boots


Outside it’s cold and the wind is noisy. Inside it’s toasty warm and I’m sober AF.


Lots of colour in my house and in my life.


Happy Satur-YAY! The hubs and I enjoying our coffee before taking one of our kids shopping!


I love the color on the wall. I am wanting to paint my walls, but I’m not good at choosing color.


when i’m sober, there’s time for knitting! yay!


There’s them colourful legs again!:joy::joy:


Sober leg having a peaceful moment at birthday party. Almost everyone else was drunken except me. Winner feeling :+1:


Saturday evening, coffee, fire and sober legs… feeling good…
Tattoo Tuesday is only 3 days away…


Im starting to like being sober around people who are drunk… its like looking in a mirror, without making the funny drunk faces and the hangovers. And i dont have to speak…


Fine… I’ll mention it…
Socks and flip-flops?


Oh how i enjoyed of not speaking, just sitting and smiling. Well there was someone in my table who wanted to share her lifestory and medical history, so i listened politely. Looking those people getting wasted and spotting people who have a serious problem with their addiction is fun for awhile, but then i decided to let them have fun in their own way and relaxed. Its not my job to judge anyone. But when someone really steamed came to mumble at me i just moved on. How refreshing! :metal: