Sober Leg Selfies


Too early for christmas pants? I don’t think so :sweat_smile:


Haha I bought christmas socks today :heart_eyes::blush:


I have many childhood memories riding in the back of my moms car with Sting playing in the background :notes: :musical_note: Just starting it…


Who plays guitar?


I do…well I’m trying, I only started a few weeks ago :grin:


Good for you girl, I’ve got mine out right now actually! I need a LOT of practice but it’s fun to even get it to make a noise to me lol


I get that. Yesterday one of my flatmates recognized the song I was playing and that was my proudest guitar moment so far :grin:


That’s awesome!! Keep it up girlfriend!




Post pre-birthday dinner :yum:


I’ve been taking pictures of my feet on vacation since I was a kid. My husband thinks it is super weird.


Super cute idea.


Day 199, waiting for a blood draw to check out how amazing my blood is.


My wife does the same thing. It super weird. :wink::rofl:


Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great and Blessed day


After a week on the pill form and no major side effects, I got my shot in the ass along with a bracelet and tags. I’m totally gangsta now.


Wow no blue bracelet? I guess the dog tags are cooler… Hows your ass feel?:rofl: doc rub it in nicely for you?:grin:


She did…lol. I got 3 shots today. Flu shot in my right arm, vivitrol in my ass and blood work drawn on my left arm. I told them that it was a good thing that my DOC was alcohol or I might get triggered :sweat_smile:


After just getting home @Donnie_Spiering I saw that I do have the bracelet. It was in the bag they gave me.


Thank you!!! :grin: