Sober Leg Selfies


Wow, what a fine pair of legs there! And that fireplace and pool :ok_hand:
Impressing tattoos too
I have none :upside_down_face:


Sometimes your feet are cold and you want the convience of flip flops. That’s my argument. Nevwr in public though. Just around the house.


Beautiful view, is that your home? Love the artwork! What are you getting done next?


It’s 930am and I’m eating cake. Living my best life!


I have a family member who imbibes and i reference our conversations as i was being talked at… no to, at. It used to really annoy me that there wasnt any pause by this person for a response but not any more. Now i sit and listen to the tales of grandiosity while thinking im glad im not the same way anymore. Conversations between drunks, fron a sober perspective are pretty funny sometimes. As far as the tats, I have many, i figure why stop now. And thank you for the compliment on my legs, it nade me smile…stay strong and be well…


Thank you MandiH, it is my humble abode. Soon the temps here in the desert will turn the pool into a cauldron of wickedness (:grin:).
This week im filling an empty spot on the back of my leg relating to nyc. (Born and raised). Ill I’ll post when its done…thank you for asking. I hope today’s a good one for you…with lotsa smiles…be well


I would love to see it when its done! It’s gorgeous here but I’m a little jealous of the desert and your view :grin:


I’ll post it definitely. I gotta say im a bit jealous of your view, im more of a cold weather, winter person. Either way, its what we make of it, yes.


I agree! It’s nice to have the 4 seasons but now that it’s almost over I’m ready for mud season next. That’s my favorite, it may be gross but I love it!! The squishy mud beneath my toes, dirty hands and nails from gardening, the yard gets more life back in it and I can start cleaning up from the winter. No jackets, warm sun on my face and things start blossoming again. Time for the next change! :heart_eyes:


Mud season is pretty funny, i remember what that was like but somehow never named it as such. Btw very nice shade of green on the toes, it goes nicely with the snow…


LMAO! That’s my husband for ya!! :rofl:


42nd birthday, snowboarding is still hard, 322 day sober legs.


Oh hey, happy birthday @Snowflake! :birthday: :partying_face:


Happy birthday!! :star_struck: :tada:


day 39 laundry day


Happy birthday!!


Happy birthday @Snowflake.


Happy birthday @Snowflake!!


Legs. Lol


Breakfast ft. legs. Love this thread :joy:🤸