Sober Leg Selfies


Standing at work 7.30 am legs


Do you use a standing desk at work? If so, what’s been your experience with it? Sitting is my least favourite part of computer-oriented work, and if I have the option at my next place of employment, a converting desk is something I’m interested in exploring.

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Getting through the last half hour of work by jamming to a song from the My Little Pony movie(totally unashamed favorite now bahaha)


Yep. I use a standing desk.
I’m one of the rare people who use it all the time. I stand for ~98% of my work, only rarely sitting for long video conferences.
I got it after a bad L5-S1 back injury and would never willingly go back to sitting. Luckily it’s now part of my OH&S profile so the company legally has to provide me one when/if i am moved. I would say it has easily been one of the major factors in maintaining pain free recovery from the injury.


I’m glad you have that in your profile as a backup. I didn’t always realize how important ergonomics were, and thought of it more as unnecessary comfort optimization. Then I had a job working at a desk without a keyboard tray, and with the amount of typing I did at that desk height, I started developing wrist and hand issues, and now I’m paying a lot more attention to the impact this kind of thing can have. Given how prolonged sitting affects the body long term, I’m eager to try something new when I have the opportunity.

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Damned!!! With a touch of blur in the back and errthang

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Heading home legs…
Staying behind the line


Relaxing, late start sober legs.
Taking daughter to the doctors.


How did you like Burton’s version?


Hey, have you tried rubbing oil to aching legs? I use organic sesame oil and couple of drops of lavender. Seems to work.

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Sitting kills…


I missed the crows.


Watching crete dry…


Oh what a shame, they were super in the original

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Better than watching paint dry. at least the sun is shining!:grin:


Sober morning legs, can’t even make it in the bathroom to get ready for work without him needing to touch me lol. At least he isn’t getting into the trash or catbox and he doesn’t climb in the shower with me…only because he HATES showers! :joy:


That it is and near the beach! End product…


Sober legs on the train home at day 12.


Hard to look cute in the dirty city sometimes, but I try!
(Channeling a bit of you in my fashion today, @aircircle. These shoes have birdies on them)