Sober Leg Selfies


Thanks. I have tons of different pairs. Some with cats, some with ducks, owls, flowers, weird patterns, plain bright. All sorts. Lol


My daughter loves the wacky leggings and her chucks.


Me too. I usually have my chucks on but my feet were swollen this morning


Indeed I do. As an English teacher, it’s got 2 meanings for me. :heart:


I’ve thought about getting one too, but I only have one reason. :slight_smile:


Where’s that at?


Dayton, ohio…road tripped to chicago this weekend and hit up an old friend that lives there otw home and he told me they were dedicating a new plane there called the Memphis belle on the 75th anniversary of its last bombing run over Berlin so they had a big event going on…fly overs and landings with ww2 era fighters and bombers all weekend and u could walk through the big ones when they landed.


Ha!!! I thought I recognized it! I’ve been there quite a few times. My mom lives in Dayton and I’m just a few hours away. That’s cool you got to see that place. I’m such a baby but I cry every time I go there because it’s filled with so much history.


Ikr, it’s amazing all the engineering that went into building that stuff, and knowing people hopped in them and risked their lives, I’m a sucker for war history…particularly the civil war and both world wars. I live in Maryland so I try to hit up the battlegrounds here and north va when I’m in the area, the cornfield and sunken road at antietam were particularly humbling to see.


Legs are once again sober. :joy:
See leggings matching the chucks lol @StevieTee


Very good.


Chilling with Flo the other day. It’s going to be hot this weekend so looking forward to my balcony time.


I would sleep out there…


The teal that’s on the tongue is the same teal that was the color of my tank top :joy:


I love it. It’s so private and like my own hideaway. I got really lucky with my new home.


I am super fortunate with my back deck too. Lots of sucky things about living here but the price is right and my back deck is awesome.


And when you get to make that visit to Scotland you can :smile:


Exactly, my home is in a pretty rough area lots of high rise social housing, drug and alcohol abuse is rife, it’s on the wrong side of the railway tracks from the posh neighbourhood I used to live in but I love it.


Legs while hanging out in bed with the hubs just watching a movie.


Eek toes!!