Sober Leg Selfies


They definitely were made for walking and then riding on the back of a motorbike for the ride home :slight_smile:, I know I have to stay sober on the bike



:lion: Ragh, I kiss my arse goodbye every time I get on the bike :joy:


Work work work work


Classy shoes.


So far, this one is the best.
I guess I am not a fan of leg selfies.


Sober balancing stuff on legs selfie.
Or do I need to start a new thread?


My chiropractor changed my life; as cheesy as it sounds, it’s true. As a former dancer I developed “snapping scapula”, a few cortisone shots later and alot of suffering-- a friend recommended her chiropractor. Skeptical, I made an appointment-- and I’ve never looked back since.


That’s awesome to hear! Simple biomechanical problems like that are rarely “fixed” with medicine. More like, the pain is not there, but the problem persists.


These 32 days sober legs are going to non-sober book group momentarily. Last month I was annoyed, this month I’ll leave before I get judgmental.


I once took some pills with alcohol that my dealer sold me. Don’t even know what they were…anyhow I got so freaky hallucinations from them that I totally freaked out…ran out of my apartment in my underwear and started knocking on peoples door at the apartment building…so a neighbour answered the door and called an ambulance…which meant that I was taken to a hospital in my underwear…which meant that they released me from the hospital in the hospital clothes…which are not nearly as nice as in your picture…more like pyjamas and they were thins kind of lemon colour or lime…it was winter so they released me without any shoes also…I had to get a taxi back home in that gear. Just one of the proud moments in my journey with alcohol…I can laugh about it now…didn’t laugh too much back in the day.


Thank you :hearts: I kept them there for quite a while.


A thread about legs? Hahaha wtf did I miss? Ok…one second…


Watching a bad movie with Nicolas Cage as Nicolas Cage :v:


What do you mean…Nicholas Cage is my higher power.:wink:


Oh wow !
It really is a bad movie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nicholas Cage in a bad movie…sounds like a plot to a fantasy movie


Hanging out on my friends porch…I needed adult time


Here’s one from Mystery Hill, NC

Trying to do a hand stand in the “gravity room”


Pre-run legs (with extra toe!) plus dog.