Sober Leg Selfies


It is only one toe! @StevieTee isnt going to roast you over that one toe.


And the bottom of another one. Lol


My opinion of @Jessi.lynn toes is of little consequence. If the hubs is cool with them, then that’s what matters. Plus, can’t hardly see them. They are well camouflaged amongst the bedding and leggings. Good use of shape, shade, color and contrast. Like a Bengal Tiger, poised to pounce on some unsuspecting Punjabi farmer.


I’m just not a fan of my toes showing.
When hubby and I got together he kept telling me about these great foot massages he gave and I would kill for one. I kept telling him I didn’t like my feet touched he kept pushing that I would love it. First time he tried I threw up on him. :joy:
Didn’t help that I was drunk as piss but I did warn him I don’t like my feet touched and it makes me gag. Lol


Oh man, same! All massage is weird and bad. Colleen talked me into sitting in this electric massage chair tonight that felt the need to surprise me with some kind of slow motion free sample. It was just bad. I don’t know why I don’t like it but I just don’t.


Before my hip replacement Chris used to lay and massage my leg for hours at a time so I could sleep. I’m not really one that likes them either but that didn’t bother me because I was in so much pain it just helped me relax enough to sleep for a little bit at least. Or if I have a migraine he will play with my hair for me.
I don’t know how I got so lucky with this guy. I guess its because I put up with so much bad from men in the past I got all the good in one guy.


Toe modesty is an under-appreciated virtue.


My wife and I went to a couples massage once. It was OK. Now when I lived in Okinawa, there was 2 kinds, the legit, and the “rubbie-rubbie”. Never had the latter. The legit kind involved a mature woman in slippers, walking on your spine and hitting pressure points in your back. I jacked myself up a couple of times, and these legit messages fixed me right up. Now, I have my daughter walk on my back. Snap, crackle, pop, and I’m right as rain.


In honesty most modesty is under appreciated these days :joy::joy:


I am probably more ok with that than being felt up in the name of relaxing my muscles. That and I have zero interest in learning to do it and it is interesting how many people offer with the expectation that I will return their aggressive favor. Pass. All the pass.


input long explanation for why massage is good for you because I’m a chiropractor.


Ok… but isnt being a chiropractor different than being a self taught masseuse?


Lol. Yeah. Vastly different. I dont even do massage, though I know how. I have massage therapists that do the massaging for me. We dont do spa massage though. No cucumbers and mud masks. My therapists do medical deep tissue massage. We specialize in treating motor vehicle accident victims.


Well that’s fine. When I am in a car wreck, on heavy prescribed pain killers, and being touched in non-erogenous zones by people who are not trying to get in my pants then I will likely entertain the need to do it.

Once a man found me trying to crack my back on the trunk of my car. He had me cross my arms like a sleeping vampire and then got behind me, lifted my whole body by my elbows and then jumped a little. My spine did wonderful things and he didn’t imply anything or rub me anywhere. I had that man’s baby 6 years later. That’s the way to go with me. :joy:


Is it ever strange to do your job with your particular addiction? I would think people would start to look a little deconstructed to me. Like the sum of all their meaty parts.


There are times when it’s difficult. I see my patients frequently and develop close relationships with them. Attractive women come in as well. I just have to be vigilant and guard my thoughts.

I adjust people’s pelvises and place my hands on their butts. I adjust people’s ribs on their chests. You can imagine the awkward position that sometimes puts me in.


As for people adjusting each other when they dont have specialized training. Glad it worked for you at the time, but I wouldnt make a habit of it. People can get injured. word of wisdom with a warning


I’m sure. I don’t know why I let him really. Desperation I suppose. He said he learned to do it playing sports in highschool.


Also, it was a 1 time thing and not something he expected I reciprocate.


#parlourtrick The truth is that popping a joint doesn’t actually mean anything. Just because you get lots of cracks and pops, doesn’t mean anything happened. If you have a fixated joint and you try to adjust it yourself, you’re likely not actually moving g the fixated joint. You’re probably moving everything around it. It feels better because now everything moves together. What happens with doing this over and over again? Instability of the joints. Meaning, you have to self-adjust more frequently and are more prone to injury. stepping down from soapbox