Sober Leg Selfies


Those legs should run over to the Strava Thread and join us!


Hope I don’t get burned


The sun has just set and Venus is now in the sky. We’ve had a beautiful month of May, I hope it lasts for summer. 26C for tomorrow :grinning:


Sober anniversary legs chilling while my mom cooks. My husband and I are lazy. :joy:


What is the picture? I’ve seen that art before.


Gustav Klimt. I have this poster for 20 years and I still love it. You can buy it now at Ikea :frowning:


In fairness, I did the dishes. And then they surprised my husband with an early birthday cake and amazing presents! His bday is June 7. And he’ll be 42. The most important number ever, RIP Douglas Adams.


Nice, you go girl :slight_smile:


Fuck yeah they have!!! :sun_with_face::icecream::shaved_ice::heart::grin:


Super groovy sober birthday leggings…I like it!



You have metal in your legs to,yeah,that recovery had to suck,I can’t wait for MY next surgery…


Chilling on break sober and happy. Have a great week everyone!


My legs are working to get caught up and researching graduate programs while these two rest and snuggle.


Gym is closed so I hit the road. 3 miles!


Why just one? You should put em both out and attach a blue balloon too hahahahaha. I’m pretty sure it’d make for an interesting photo


Sober tired legs finished a DIY bathroom renovation!


Just got back from a great meeting, watching some tube then heading to bed. Have a groovy sober night my sober peeps


Sober backyard legs!


Whatca playing there Jessi…is that GTA 8 or what ever the number is now?