Sober Leg Selfies


See what I did there…I don’t play anything, so I just named the only game I have heard of…hahah


Taking a break from the bike ride legs


Is that a huge mistake garden bealneath your feet? Is it yours???


Pouts RIP awesome pink running shoes. You need to wear these shoes as often as possible for me.


@Hope0110 I was at an over look when I took this. I’ll attach a pic

@C-sun are you kidding me. These are my everyday Vans. Lmao.


In the first post of the thread there were my hot pink running shoes. I managed to melt them being stupid while I was snowed in this January. I don’t think I will ever not be pissed that I could make such a mistake while perfectly sober.


How did you melt them?


I wanted to go to my home group at 8pm that night because of the cabin fever. The snow was over about 10 am and I went out to dig my car out of the snow in my fav shoes because they were the least slippery around 12 so the snow wouldn’t be hard as a rock. Then I went inside to warm up in the bath and put my shoes on a baseboard heater to dry in time for the meeting. You could smell the rubber everywhere except close to the floor in the bathroom, so I lounged in the tub for hours reading a book and fucking around on here while my shoes melted.


That is a huge bumout.
I’m sorry :hushed::hushed:


I know. They laughed so hard at me in the meeting when I explained why I was out in the snow wearing flip flops.


Friday night and these legs are sober.


Your rug looks like endless marshmallows. I am big on sitting on the floor. It looks like a comfy floor.


It was a generous gift when I got my own place and had no furniture or furnishings, I love it.

I don’t sit it that often but might start to.


It bothers people but it is more comfortable to me. I have damaged my tail bone twice so sitting in chairs sucks for me sometimes. The floor puts the pressure everywhere but my tail bone, so I prefer it. It makes people point out their every chair to me all the time. It’s a little funny.


Wow. Great view! A look out does explain why it looked like your feet were dangling. I was really hoping you were on a swing! :slight_smile:


Lol. Fun fact about me: I love to swing on a swing set. I can also back flip off a swing.


Wow impressive. I like swings but when adults are on swings without kids, it’s kinda creepy.


Lol creepy or not I’m not going to let that keep me from enjoying a good swing. Also. Have you seen me. I look 20 at best lol


Nice! Swing on you crazy diamond! I definitely look like an old hag so I dont want to scare the kids!


You shouldn’t let other people’s thoughts or what have you keep you from enjoying a playground. You’re only as old as you feel. Forget societal norms.