Sober Leg Selfies


Makes total sense actually. Although what he did felt fabulous when he did it. When you say that though, highschool desks come to mind. They are wonderful to crack your back with. I craved it all the time when I sat in those desks. After I graduated I missed it a little for a few weeks and then it was a non issue, even though I had been doing it multiple times daily for 6 or so years.


You may not have really needed it then. There wasn’t anything wrong with your back, just stiffness and tension. It likely had the same affect as getting a really good stretch into your spine.


I wish I had found yoga that young. Sounds the same, only better.


these legs are about to walk out the door at 6.20am GMT so envious of the sunshine legs, we have glorious rain, have a good day everyone :slight_smile:


Your legs all look younger than mine! :rofl::sweat_smile:



How have I never seen this video before? That’s insanity!


Probably due to your youth. I remember when this song was still in the regular play cycle on the radio.


Mine should look younger then everyone they are full of metal. And brand new. :joy::joy::joy:



They definitely were made for walking and then riding on the back of a motorbike for the ride home :slight_smile:, I know I have to stay sober on the bike



:lion: Ragh, I kiss my arse goodbye every time I get on the bike :joy:


Work work work work


Classy shoes.


So far, this one is the best.
I guess I am not a fan of leg selfies.


Sober balancing stuff on legs selfie.
Or do I need to start a new thread?


My chiropractor changed my life; as cheesy as it sounds, it’s true. As a former dancer I developed “snapping scapula”, a few cortisone shots later and alot of suffering-- a friend recommended her chiropractor. Skeptical, I made an appointment-- and I’ve never looked back since.


That’s awesome to hear! Simple biomechanical problems like that are rarely “fixed” with medicine. More like, the pain is not there, but the problem persists.


These 32 days sober legs are going to non-sober book group momentarily. Last month I was annoyed, this month I’ll leave before I get judgmental.