Sober Leg Selfies


Sitting in the car, not wanting to move, sober legs. I’m riding the struggle bus tonight and maybe should just go to bed, but my family is going to be tomorrow camping and I was anti-social all week getting ready for a meeting today.

So I know what’s probably good for me, but being social is probably going to get me out of my head. Just need to do the next thing. I am trying to not wish I were a perky, energetic person and just embrace being me. On sober legs.


Amen to that!


Relaxing sober legs. Rest between dinner at Taste of Siam with a friend and Greek Fest later with Chris.

Who else wants saganaki?


Sitting out on the porch enjoying some cool weather, a good book, coffee, and a kid free evening sober legs. Ahhhh. It’s all these little things.


My sober legs are under here, aching from yesterday’s yoga :joy:


I’m just realizing how awesome it is to be sober like this! I’m up between 4 and 5 every day now. I get quiet time to think as I start my day every day now instead of waking up later, still drunk or hungover. And the extra bonus is the cuddles!


When your knee kisses a table :+1:


Ouch. Did you ice it? I always have bruises because I’m super clumsy. :grin:


It happened at work so I had no time to cool it :disappointed: Yup, I’m clumsy too. My legs often use to look like I fell down the stairs :joy:


Yes!!! Me too. Yesterday I wore a sleeveless shirt and thought, “I wonder where that bruise came from?” I’m less than graceful. :crazy_face:


Since I got back into Krav Maga, I now sport regular bruises and scratches, mostly on my arms and legs from sparring. We were leaving the house for church one morning, and my wife said, “Please go put on long sleeves, I don’t want the people at church thinking I am abusing you.”

Going to be a hot and interesting summer.


Yow! That’s one of those that brings a tear to your eye and a lot of “efffemmmowwmmeffemmmm”


This is a combo of sober leg and what I’m drinking


I miss playing rugby. Legal tackles generally keep the damage on your legs and under your clothes. I loved my bruises. They were like my temporary tattooes. I got most of them in practice so they would remind me of my friends and lessons learned.


I love this stuff. I am trying to teach myself Swedish and just love all things Scandi. I know you aren’t in Sweden but close enough to make me happy looking at your stuff. The most everyday things around you look interesting to me. :grin:


Relaxing with Amos (furball on my hip) on a cool, sober Sunday


Now you get two for the price of one…we have a bilingual situation in Funland…so everything is always written in finnish first and in swedish second (cause that’s the order of importance and greatness in general :wink: ) I’m sure that @MissDuse will agree on that :wink:


I noticed that on your psudo Sprite bottle! Half the words looked familiar, the second half. I seem to have retained more from Duolingo than I thought. Now, go and take pictures of all the mundane packageing in your life. Omg, I am making a thread for it. @Robin just has to participate too because I also really dig South Africa. I did all my undergrad reports on South Africa 1 because I like it and 2 because it was easier to recycle research sources and just relate it to the topic of my papers with only one or two new sourses that were topic specific. Anyhow, it is like the dumbest stuff would be exotic and interesting to me. Like, what do toilet paper packages look like in these places? Pasta packages… the front of the grocery store… stuff that residents walk by every day without taking note. Kind of like your walking around your city post.

Mundane Life Gone Exotic

that’s no sprite though…just mineral water carbonated…with a twist of lemon…anyhows…I’ll continue posting on your new thread with pics…


Thats why it is psudo Sprite.