Sober Leg Selfies


Nice, you go girl :slight_smile:


These legs have been sober a full year today!!


Fuck yeah they have!!! :sun_with_face::icecream::shaved_ice::heart::grin:


Super groovy sober birthday leggings…I like it!


Thanks. They are one of my favorite pairs because I can wear them with so many shirts. I can dress them up like today for working in the kids store or I can wear the relaxing with my Darth Vader shirts :purple_heart:


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You have metal in your legs to,yeah,that recovery had to suck,I can’t wait for MY next surgery…


Me chillin with my girl


Chilling on break sober and happy. Have a great week everyone!


My legs are working to get caught up and researching graduate programs while these two rest and snuggle.


Gym is closed so I hit the road. 3 miles!


Why just one? You should put em both out and attach a blue balloon too hahahahaha. I’m pretty sure it’d make for an interesting photo


Sober tired legs finished a DIY bathroom renovation!


Just got back from a great meeting, watching some tube then heading to bed. Have a groovy sober night my sober peeps


Sober backyard legs!


My super fun purple owl Lula Roe


Whatca playing there Jessi…is that GTA 8 or what ever the number is now?


I’m actually playing PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds


See what I did there…I don’t play anything, so I just named the only game I have heard of…hahah