Sober Leg Selfies


Saoirses back :heart_eyes:

Shouldn’t you have put this in the pets and sober legs selfies thread :yum:


Maybe, but I sang the party pooper song to that guy…


When did she come back?


Later that day. I posted it wherever I had been whining about it. It started raining. I left my door open all day so she could just come in. I was so sure she was gone. Then she just went walking by, covered in briar burrs or whatever they are called.


Just thinking about you, the last time you left for a bit you were in the hospital so I wanted to make sure you’re ok!


Recovering from oral surgery, with the help of this piglet.


Finally off work. Relaxing with movies, Chinese delivery, and gearing up for a big day tomorrow.


TGIF! I told jack to stay home today i had enough yesterday but i guess he didnt listen…damn it!


Heeees about to jack it…


If you’re going through withdrawal and have shakes…does that sort of make you forget about them? lol


Woke up early and studied a book about raw veggies and fruit. Love it. Sitting in the bus now on my way home from my veggie and fruit haul :grinning:


Sober leg selfie with my pet. I’ll not say what she’s doing to herself as you can all see and she really needs to just get a room.


sorting thru seeds to finish planning my garden out


Day 337.
Home alone and watching an old movie and crochet at the same time :grinning:
Who knows the movie?



This is how i spent my Saturday night while my daughter was with her cousin haha party animal!!


taking a short break before we finish moving!


Watching the Red Sox.


Hey, Costco Specials? I’ve got the same socks.


Sober Sunday shenanigans