Sober Leg Selfies


Thats why it is psudo Sprite.


Wouldn’t that be the other way around though cause i’m pretty sure water came before sprite. Did it?


I think it did, but Sprite is just easier for me to conceptualize because I tried to quit drinking soda when I was pregnant and got this lemon lime sparking water and I still want to throw up when I think about it. I lived in Europe for 3 years and I just could never stomach mineral water, flavored or not.


That’s literally ALL I ever drink…mineral water, flavoured or just plain.


I don’t know what i weighed the day I gave birth because weighing myself made me so bummed out, but a few days before that it was 212.4 lbs. These sober legs feel so, so much better right now. The relief on my body frame is indescribable. And I have done nothing but eat since the birth because I am not plagued by reflux any more. It is the first time I have been able to eat normally since about the beginning of February. Anyway, humble brag. I only weigh 10-15lbs more than I did when I got pregnant considering variance. So much of that was retained fluid. I feel so very much better. Especially my sober legs.


We can still be friends. We just can’t drink together.


The whole upper section of My fridge seems to Be mineral water. Muhaha



Sober Sundays at the ballpark… Also I’m in escrow :hibiscus: and know I wouldn’t be here if I was still drinking.


Awesome, man I wish I was there! Tried to go to my first game this season last Monday, the Orioles and nationals in Baltimore, figured the hometown rivalry would be a good one to start on, but circumstances prevented it…who u watching?


I saw the Nationals when they were here (SD) just recently… Padres is my team and they played Cinn Reds this afternoon. It was a great game! We even got a grand slam :heart:


Yeah, I watched a couple of those games on tv… Around the first of the month, then a week or so ago u guys came to DC :slightly_smiling_face: both were pretty good series’




Haha nice!


That’s a cute kitten.:heart:

Me and Bianca. She’s sober 12+ years, me 43 days.




Me at ‘work bitch’:


My legs are chill but my jaw, teeth and nose are full of anger & irriration and my chest is full of rage. Not sure WTF is wrong with me today, but ROAR.


Another day at the office…