Sober Leg Selfies


Cool Ferrari pumas.


“Legs covered in khaki sober leg selfie”. It’s winter and it’s cold and i want my woolly socks on my feet but bub is too contented sleeping and I don’t want to disturb him… :upside_down_face:



How am I barely seeing this?it’s halarious !


tye dye is the man bun of clothes :wink:


Nah. I make this shit look good!


Sober sunday legs, comfy version :blush:


My husband is a car guy so the kids are car guys. I support them with cool shoes and never ever want to hear a debate of Ford vs Chevy again. :rofl:


Just out of the gym and about to play tennis in an hour legs


Swinging on a swing kind of Sunday for these sober legs.


Halfway home pit stop legs.


The baby finally sleeps without nursing. Blessed be the silence.


Good morning my sober legs :+1:t3::smile:


Chillaxin’ on the job!


Lol, the way things line up it looks like (at first glance) the guy walking in the background has some sort of rooster suit on.


You’re totally right! I hope he owns a rooster suit. You know, for emergencies.


Lmao thats the boss’s son . the ol’ snow bunny…


Tired sober legs


Our resting legs after our walk


Finally kicking my feet up. Long day, but it was good and productive.