Sober Leg Selfies


That Cat, like all cats, have to be the center of the world…no way she was going to let you be the only mother to a new born


Lol, she’s gonna tell me I am inferior because I only produce one baby at a time and the only tolerable thing about me is my can opening fingers.


Exactly, you are in her existence purely for her comfort


I can almost here the sad cat diary version of all this…makes me giggle


Lmfao, seriously.


The human produced an offspring and is proud, she only produce one. I will slip away to the alley, and get impregnated and show her how many I can have at once.


Dad shorts, engaged! Lol.


Is this the game where one must put a finger in the hole without looking at the hole and if someone looks at it you punch them hard on the arm?


Same here, soccer twice and driven over by a car at family wedding in Ireland.


To hot for socks and to hot to curl my toes :joy::joy:


@C-sun I knew you would be the first to react or say something :joy:


Slightly less crazy stuff on the TV today


Haha yea that’s cause I just turned my Xbox on. :joy:


Been outside since the minute I got home today, enjoying my view while I watch my garden grow!


Mandy, Mandy quite contrandy… lol, doesn’t work with your name.


Hahaha!!! Hey, you get an A for effort. My dad’s name was Gunnar, so My nickname growing up was Gunnarina. You could make up anything with that, he used to sing me random songs lol


Lol, how super Scandi!


Lol, yup! Very much so!


I was just going to go inside too and watch tv, I think the garden is done. But it’s so fucking lovely out here!! Got hummingbirds, woodpeckers, my nephew and lots of woodland creatures. This is why I seriously never watch tv lol


Yep. I know… I’m a child lol