Sober Leg Selfies


Which is why I hug my wife, hold her hand, and still open doors for her, and I let my daughter see it too.


Our daily decision to refrain from drinking & change our thinking… has changed the trajectory of our kids lives…which means their kid’s lives as well, and so on! Wow! We’ve all potentially just affected multiple generations ~ that feels good! :slight_smile:

Btw are we on the leg selfie thread??? One of us is going to have to show some leg soon, or we’re gonna get kicked out :grimacing:


Rotflmfao, how dare you be off topic on my thread?


I mean, really. Sober leg selfies are serious business.


Well you never know, I mean people can be pretty fond of their leg limelight :grin::joy:


You are beyond funny! You have the lil’ baby, right? I’m Tracy & hugs you silly girl :hugs:


Especially me. :joy: it is all @Englishd’s fault for deciding this was my thing. Now I claim it and it IS MY THING. However, if you want to break stride and talk sobriety, I will allow it.


Wouldn’t be the first time I was kicked out… but whew! :sweat_smile:


Naw, We’ll keep you.


We got way waaaay off topic! All because @anon37742172 was holding hands with her sweetie. It’s that pda’s fault, I thought it was cute. Thanks for understanding… I’ll yield the floor now :+1:t3:


Clean, sanitized laundry, breastfeeding baby, showing off bruised toes (from trying to walk myself into labor and not succeeding) and healing scratched bedbug bites sober AF leg selfie.


Oh please. Without meaning to I might be the ringleader in derailing a thread.


Awww! The baby’s toes are photobombing your toes :smile: You need a scrapbook of these pics. How old is the baby??


No. I tried to get his legs in there too. :heart_eyes: Chalmer is a little more than a month now.


Definitely will ~ thank you :hugs:


For a little bit there I had gotten good at dragging my bullshit to the randomness thread and then somehow forgot. We should make a buzzword that just means “carry your bullshit to the bullshit thread”.


Chalmers! Love the name. How are you?? How is he?? First time mommyhood?


Perfect :ok_hand:t3:


No, he is my 3rd but my first sober baby. We are all fine in the big scene of things.


Lol, idk. We should come up with some suggestions and then put it to a vote like the 10 letter word word.