Sober Leg Selfies


@MandiH Gunnar is a great name…all time boxer in my books is called GB Gunnar Bärlund


He’s got his own statue and all…


@Caustic what’s that tattoo on your shin?


It’s 2 capricorns, a sagittarius and a bull. Zodiacs for me and 2 of my kids and my wife. Gotta add another capricorn and another sagittarius. Got a whole leg tattoo to do really, when I actually look for an artist and plop down some money


Relaxing after cleaning and before I head out of the house for awhile. I need vitamin D!


I just got a boat load of vitamin d… or maybe it got me lol. I’m tuckered out! Hoops in the sun, glorious sobriety.


Hey I spent night without my son in outpatient group. Voluntarily. After I already graduated. Haha I was like, wow how sad am I? Lol






Lmao, I think u meant ingenious! Haha, @Matthew88 them are some sexy legs right there dude… a certain zz top song is playing in my mind right now, I’m sure u guys know which one :joy:


Lol, no way, man. Rejected. This is for sober legs, not sober pig lips and assholes!



Sober toes at my kids’ 5th grade graduation. Which is apparently a thing. A thing with lots of activities.


Hey now, just seeing who’s on point here


On Wednesday we wear pink!


Mean Girls quote for the win!


“You can’t sit with us!”


“That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.”


“None for Gretchen Wieners!”


I don’t remember where we got them, but I have the same ones too!


I still wanna see u wear an ice cream cone on your head :wink: