Sober Leg Selfies



Love it! I’m actually about to do the same lol. Whatcha reading?


Madness - A Bipolar Life by Marya Hornbacher
She wrote the book Wasted too.


Ahhhhh I still love He-Man too! …“I have the Power…”


I have 32 mosquito bites on my ankles and feet, and I burned my leg on the tailpipe of my motorcycle. So. My legs are awesome.


TAKE ME! I require beach time. Do you mind me asking what area you live in or are you on a vacation?


@Snowflake @MissJ I love lemon dresses too!

I got a dress and skirt version. I’m on the verge of having an addiction to collecting vintage inspired clothing and shoes… but it’s still under control lol


If I could dress like a 50s housewife every day my life would be exponentially more fun :slight_smile: how is the fit on the dress? I just worry about boob to waist ratio.


I saw a dress that looked like that the other day only it was sunflowers the girl was on the bigger side and it looked fantastic on her. And I told her and asked her where she got the dress.
She was snobby and refused to tell me like she thought I was joking about the dress looking great on her.


AMAZON. I almost exclusively shop for clothing there. That way you can try on in your own home. You control the lighting, your mood, have access to all your undergarments, shoes, and accessories.

Plus if you like something you can usually get it in multiple prints/colors!

Plus if you read the reviews you can usually get a good feel about the quality, and how it will fit your body shape.

I’m short and somewhere between an hourglass and a pear.

It’s only worth it if you have a membership to Amazon prime though. That way you get free 1-2 shipping and free returns if you dont love it.


I literally just cancelled my prime yesterday because I haven’t used it in 6 months :joy:
I will look tho I want the sunflower and I love the lemon.
I’m all about lemons. They make me happy


Wearing a different Amazon dress today I’ll try to get a good photo, but I’ve gotten 12 compliments so far and it’s high necked so I feel like those are genuine compliments…


As well they should lol just as sunflowers, my wardrobe brings me positivity. Especially because I’m so incredibly insecure for as far as I can tell no good reason…


Ohh man we have had bad mosquitos at my house this week, I feel you on the bug bites!!


My Lula covered sober legs and my crappy painted toes because I ran out of polish. Lol


I HATE the motorcycle burns!!! Ouch! Mosquito bites suck too but I’ll never forget the motorcycle burns.


I have that exact dress somewhere, except I think mine is yellow flowers instead of lemons-got it years ago.


Mines a small and it’s a little wide on top and I’m like a 34C+ but I have decent hand sewing skills so I can usually give things a little nip or tuck without much trouble.


Something tells me we have similar style. This is my boat neck collection… I like them for work but the smalls are a little tight in the arm holes and the mediums are way too big.


Um yep, def similar!