Sober Leg Selfies


New hammock arrived. Gotta love Prime Day.



It makes me sad, but probably other people very relieved, this app doesn’t like it when I write in all caps.


Those are all pretty, too!

Today I’m wearing a shirt that I refer to as my golden girls couch shirt. :wink:


Day 3 of a 96 hour shift leg selfie.


Here’s the Amazon dress of the day!


There were no legs here! Derailment!

Just funning with you. Your dress is beautiful.


Post-sushi sober legs. I reached my two hour socialization max at about 1h 45m.


Gams for leg tax :kissing_heart:
Don’t mind the evidence of the destruction of a dog toy in the background…


Nice job staying on topic, ladies. Because someone needs to show their legs because mine are too fuzzy. It’s weird. It’s ok to shower in someone else’s house, but sit down and shave your legs? That’s a hard no and I am not sure why. Their shower isn’t gross and I have been a house guest so long that there is nothing wrong with scrubbing their tub. Still. It’s weird. So I have a full grown pelt now. And for whatever reason I was fine showing my piggies all swollen, but not fuzzy. Why? Who knows where I take my rule making cues.



Seriously, the rules we develop for ourselves are totally odd.


Haha, you were post number 1111. I used to toke at 11:11 because I had decided that was my personal 4:20. Because having 4:20 Is not enough. I was too dedicated to being a pothead for only 2 daily smoke out times and one national holiday.


I’m on holidays in the south of Greece. Beautiful and serene place, it appears that change of scenery can be incredibly therapeutic. I wish I knew that earlier!
Hope you get some time off in an equally lovely place!


My zensational place to be🌊


Hanging out with the boys before work :heart:



The beard has fallen once lol.


Beards don’t fall, they grace the Earth with their presence.


It graced the Earth hard with it’s ass. Then it’s elbow. Then it’s head lol. I got a headache and hurts like hell to sit but it was so worth it. All 3 of my kids I was skating with biffed in a row and I tried to stop and help them, I ended completing the family fall fest.


That was your body protecting the majesty of the beard.