Sober Leg Selfies


I thought about you guys at the mall the other day. There was a fabulous smelling store that sold shaving objects and lucious beard care products.


What’s a shaving object? that for a lady’s legs?..


Lots of stuff. Normal looking razors, straight razors, sharpening straps, those squatted paint brushes that you paint the shaving cream on your face with… stuff like that.


I swore off shaving long ago, only 1 relapse in 10 years. I work a solid program. :joy::rofl:


I secretly wish my husband shaved with a razor every time I smell men’s shaving products.


These legs hiked 17.5 miles today in boots that were not entirely broken in. My ankles look…not quite right.


Utter blasphemy!


Your doggy’s legs are so silly!


hiking in new boots today too


Sitting by the pond behind my house.


On this day:

I’m tired but not asleep, watching mouse trap videos with my husband, which is weird because you all shared the same YouTube channel a few weeks ago.


99 days, woot woot!


Does it have Mouse Trap Mondays on this channel?


@MissJ & @C-sun I actually prefer to wear a really light (kinda unisex) men’s cologne vs. a woman’s perfume. Really. I like the smell too, so why not wear it :smile:


Yes! It’s the peanut oil trap guy.


I love that guy. Especially the night footage and then he starts cutting the growths out of the dead ones. Bot fly eggs I think they were? I had rodents bad the winter before last. Watching those videos was so satisfying. My boss tokd me about it when rodents had been his old news and his current plight was the dual presence of both smart squirrels and moles tunneling through his yard. Our work conversations were so fun. Taxes because we are tax preparers and the newest thing we had seen, read, or done to get rid of our pests.


Sober work legs!


Peanut butter works great. Caught 2 in the same trap in about an hour when we discovered we had mice at our old house.

You’re sick and twisted though lol. shudders bott fly legs shudders again


I wanted our mice to have a good last meal, a while ago, so I made them lil’ sandwiches :sandwich::joy::rofl:


You’re so sweet with the bread lol. Like little happy faces of death!