Sober Leg Selfies


That’s right, kill em’ with kindness :smile:


And with bars across their heads and necks.

I do admit that hearing that snap of the trap was satisfying.


I use creamo mens shaving cream and mens razors to shave. I probably should have been born a man. :joy:


Sober human and dog legs. :rofl:
I only have 1/3 of a couch at the moment…still in the process of moving. This dog is lucky I love him…taking up the whole couch and the foot rest.


Sober legs on the move


You trying to feed rats with those sandwhiches. A little field mouse has about a week worth a food on that one trap… Getting a stray cat works best. Dont feed it much and when it goes in survival mode look out for rambo kitty! :pouting_cat:


Rambo kitty :joy::joy: Yikes! No way, a starving, angry kitty patrolling the house would scare me more then my sandwich eating mice :sweat_smile:


Having some me-time (with the real Lola) :grinning:


That is one of my favorite King books


How can you tell which one it is?


By the title on the back cover


Crashed on my way to work sober leg selfie.


Oh no! What happened?


I liked the adaptation they did with Franco. One of King’s better adaptations from book to screen.


Slid out on some gravel going a bit too fast for a corner with said gravel on it. In my defense i didnt see it til it was too late.


Man down!

I got a gnarly bruise on my back/butt from skating. Glad I know exactly where it came from instead of trying to piece together what I did while smashed.


Oof. I’m glad you weren’t run off the road or anything.


Yeah you had the family fall down. Good times!


Thankfully no. Just me being kind of dumb…:wink:


The date!
in the Netherlands you name the day-month-year so sometimes it is confusing to tell a date in usa month-day-year