Sober Leg Selfies


Gravel will get me every time! Hope you are doing ok


Swimming yesterday, sober days are in the triple digits :blush:.:hibiscus:


I think we all need visual comfirmation of the bruise…pics or didn’t happen :wink:


Had a similar biking accident last summer…tram track caught my front tire and I went airborne…luckily that heals pretty fast


It contains whiteboy ass crack in it lol. I’d post it, because I have no shame, but I don’t know if its appropriate in the main forum lol.


I love to read when I can stay awake, I love SK, and I love history/thrillers. Would you recommend that book?


Daaaaaamn! Yours sounds worse than what i did!


I think my pride and ego took the biggest hit on that one :wink:


Hahaha! Me too. There were 2 cars that stopped to ask if i was ok! Uggh. Yep, just throwing my self on the street at 7 a.m. for some extra adrenalin…


Yep! Hows the home remodeling coming along?


Ouch, that sucks!


Yes, and for you the combination would be perfect. I love “the what if… “ in this book :grinning:


Gezellig :grinning:


Soooo close to being done. Saved one of the hardest parts for last, the staircase. It’s currently covered in the old carpet. We ordered stair caps to hopefully make it easier to install. Thanks for asking @Jante76 :blush:


The date is the title?


Yes…it has to do with the JFK assination… great read


Baby A and I went blackberry picking together.


Yeah. They are hairy and I am not going to shave them because I am not washing this tub again. Ever. Get over it. I’m a bear with bruised toes that have fake bedbugs hiding under the nails.

These legs are tired, free and still sober AF. @Shattered_dreams, thank you for posting that stuff yesterday morning. I felt, even though I was so tired then, that I could finish this chapter so I can find out what happens when my rubber meets my road.


Seriously you deserve that bath.


Why you feel like you need to shave your legs anyway?! Who’s judging?