Sober Leg Selfies


I’m happy that post found a heart and soul to pull. If you read and believe long enough, it will come true.

Your Personal Legend “is what you have always wanted to accomplish. Everyone, when they are young, knows what their Personal Legend is.”[3] He adds that “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”


I do. I resist hippie stigma. If I am going to post hairybleg selfies regularly then I might as well go get some patchouli. My friend and I were laughing that if I was going to wax, as she suggests I do since I grew it out, that they would have to go over me with beard trimmers because it is too long to wax.


Hahaha! That would be my hairy legs.


“There she is! The woman with the delightful long skirts!”


Are the kitties joining you in your road trip?


For a while if we can handle it. I think it will help Colleen have something to do. They are going on 6 weeks old so half their slotted kitten time with mama is over. If it is desperate they can be separated at 8 weeks but it is better to wait 12. Suffolk Humane Society is going to take them. They are being found and reserved a space in a foster home. We are supposed to play with them a lot because socialized kittens are apparently quick and easy to adopt out. And they are going to spay Saorise for only $45 after all the stuff they helped me apply for.


That’s so great about the kitties!


Relaxing after hitting up a ton of garage sales on my day off.


Post run/hobble after a long meeting day. Soon to drive across the state for a mini-vacation.


With hubby and I both sick we are just cuddled up watching Castle Rock


Back home from a run and bub’s asleep. Going to do some reading. What’s the bet I get through 2 pages and he is awake - he’s the master at doing this!


Read it to him. I used to read whatever I was reading to Colleen but just edit out potty mouth words and overly descriptive gore or sex. Most of it was over her head. She just wanted to feel like I was spending time with her and I could still read while she played with legos or had a long bubble bath. Win win.


If I edit out stuff from Russel Brands book I’ll have nothing to read out :joy: good thinking though!


Relaxing on the river


Looks lovely, enjoy it!


Taking a 5 min breather with my new blanket I got today from my bestie! :heart: Thanks for making me this @Yomomma, its Friggen perfect!!!


This is the strangest thread I’ve come across, but I’m oddly glad I did :joy::rofl: I suppose I will oblige and also post a picture.

Bella is always trying to sleep in my lap, despite her being 55 pounds :roll_eyes: I don’t mind it though :heart:


Yeah, it all started as a joke but we like to have fun with our sober body parts.


My sister and I ran 7 trail miles. It was hard. But I’m in heaven, so it’s all amazing.


They’re all going to be real shocked when they get to the lounge and find the Sober Private Parts thread!