Sober Leg Selfies


I remember seeing this thread the first time too and thinking I probably should stay away from it being a sex addict. I get triggered and I seem to post triggering things but I’ve actually done pretty great. Nothing has triggered me.
A few things have bothered me and I felt maybe they shouldn’t have been posted just because we do have sex addicts but both everyone has the same brain as I do


Please always feel free to put me in check(gently please) if I post something triggering, I’m here to learn and get better and sometimes I suck at this.

I feel like there are pretty frequent exchanges that make me raise an eyebrow and ignore them because of my addiction, I try to look at it as good practice.


I think that a good rule of thumb would be to consider if what one is posting is overtly descriptive. Referencing something, say Pole Dancing, is not triggering for me as a SA. However, if one were to describe provocative maneuvers, etc. that would be a different situation entirely.


Sober work leg selfie? Lol my foot is still sprained and chasing me enormous pain! But, that will heal with time.


just home from a Just For Today meeting. Avoiding Step 4 sober legs.


It is nice to just take a moment.


I don’t post my sexy legs bc I don’t wanna trigger anyone :wink:


Ha. I’ve been dodging this thread because ew, feet. But… I feel better now!

This place never ceases to amaze me.


Second Day of school and all i’ve done So Far is wait.


Ferris wheel sober legs!


Just watched the mariners get beat! #sober


Super lame. I’m a Mariners fan, but am sadly not surprised that they didn’t win. They’ve been failing hard this second half of the season.


It was embarrassing…:sweat_smile: I was hoping to go to Seattle for a game this season, but I don’t think I’ll spend money of that this season.


The games are always still fun to go to, just don’t go with any expectations.


I don’t know if I’d have fun if they got beat that badly at home! Lol


When I go to games, it’s not to watch the game. It’s to hang with family or friends and eat food/snacks. I dont usually stay for the full game either. 9 innings is a long time for little boys to sit through.


I’m excited to make it to a game. As a lifelong Cubs fan, I’m used to setting expectations low.


That’s a long time for some of the adults there to sit through. But, yes, I used to fall asleep at games as a child because I didn’t care. There are so many good options there, I think I’d get lost and miss part of the game.


Hey now…


Off to pick my daughter up from school sober leg selfie. I worship these shoes haha