Sober Leg Selfies


The truth hurts. :joy::woman_shrugging:


You guys know nothing of the real baseball…

this happens to be our national game


My TV is going out on me…freaks out and turns itself off and on after it’s been on a long time…how am I supposed to binge watch shows…I work nights people. Guess I’ll read this book I ordered on Amazon. Speaking of Amazon I just subscribed and saved to wild salmon oil for my dogs. What am I becoming?? Thinking about buying a Buick too…maybe pick my room out at the nursing home and get my headstone put up next week :rofl::joy: Oh and using my new vacuum today was the most excitement I’ve had in a while.


That book is soooo damn good! I was a little triggered sometimes, felt like I wished my life was still all chaos for some reason, but I am so glad a read it. After I finished I googled interviews with her and they were amazing too. That led me to a podcast called Since Right Now which is so awesome as well. Just awesome everywhere!


Red Sox nation always have room for more fans :sweat_smile:


Y’all are having a fabulous year :eyes:


It is definitely fun to watch!


The pitching is weak in Pespallo. Those batters would be destroyed in the MLB, or even by a good minor league pitcher.


First sober leg selfie, post-hike ankle dirt mark included :joy: Taken in the sunny south of France. Instead of having a glass (bottle…) of local wine I am getting stuck into This Naked Mind. First sober holiday, only on day 3 but so far it’s been great.


As a Rays fan, we can only hope that a Wild Card spot is still a possibility. The AL East has been settled for a long time now.


Anything is possible…9.5 back isn’t unheard of but you need to hope Oakland and Seattle fade.


Those shoes are fantastic! I need some in my life


Why would anyone hope that Seattle fades?


Well I’m actually hoping they don’t fade and catch the Yankees. In a perfect World Oakland and Seattle will catch them!!


Different game all together…much faster and much much more accurate…the pitching is totally different. They did this try out thing where baseball players tried pesäpallo and vice versa…the baseball players couldn’t hit the pesäpallo pitch and the pesäpallo players didn’t hit the baseball pitch…The origin of pesäpallo is interesting cause it was developed by this guy who was really patriotic and saw that Russia was still a threat. So the weight of the ball they use was exact to the weight of a grenade they used back then…by getting everyone to play this as a kid and growing up, everyone developed quite a talent for throwing a grenade…


It looks like a fun game though. We used to play a game called “Swiftie” as a kid. A variation of stick-ball, it was played with a sponge rubber ball, cut in half. Everything was unpredictable because when you hit it, you never knew where it would go. Fielders had to try to catch it on the fly, because if it bounced, it could go anywhere. To score, you ran to one base, and then back to home, but the base was twice as far as a normal little league baseline. To get someone out, they could strike-out, a ball caught on the fly was an out, you could be tagged out, or a fielder could throw the ball at you, and if it hit you, you were out. Also, 4 foul balls and you were out, which was tough, because you are hitting half a ball, not a whole one.


That sounds like an awesome game for kids…because it’s partially based on luck (half ball) it evens it out for the kids that aren’t so good naturally…


I hope both Seattle and Oakland fade - so that the Rays might sneak in. :slight_smile:


Yesterday’s SLS.

39 years of sobriety between all these feet! :upside_down_face:
A wonderful few days at a lake, such a treat. My soul is happy there…need to find a way to move closer to that kind of water.


Finally relaxing in my cat pants!