Sober Leg Selfies


Oh man! Those are some serious cat pants.


My best friend :heart_eyes:


So much for my hiking trip next week on the Appalachian trail. I just broke my foot walking down my stairs slipping on something at the bottom.


Completely sober.



Not having to give up the AT!


I was so excited to go too. Ugh!


So so awful.


Got them from the men’s section at Walmart incase you were jealous and wanted your own pair…


Awwwwww damn. I hope you heal quickly!


@DanielleRae I ordered them online a few years back. They’re DC brand. So comfy and coolest print.


Mid way point of my desk move… Standing desk down.


finished loading the moving truck, now I’ve got nothing to do legs.


Holy cow, it’s happening???


Finally, right? :joy: we leave Sunday morning for our cross country drive. We are going through Yellowstone, and I am pumped!


Oh man! That stinks. :pensive:


I love Yellowstone. My Great grandma is buried there, once upon a time the government bought part of her ranch to expand Yellowstone.


That is so cool!


Take lots of pictures please, it has been forever since I have been there


Yes, of course! It’s my first time. I’m going to take pictures of everything!


First time! You will enjoy it so much!