Sober Leg Selfies


OOooooh Man!! :sweat: I’m sad for you! You know there will be other hikes & opportunities. Be patient & heal quickly my friend…On the bright side your pedicure’s looking adorable…really! I hardly even notice the bandages :wink::smile:


HAHA Thank you!!


My favorite memory, I was probably in 3rd grade…we were horse back riding thru part of it. We accidentally strolled up on and then thru a herd of bison. It was magistic, cool, and terrifying all at the same time. I remember my dad looking at me and saying, “this would be a horrible time to fall off your horse”…and then he smiled. Thanks dad


That’s awesome. Majestic things like that blow my mind. I once caught a hummingbird in my hand. No view but it still kind of changed my life with how awesome it was, heart beating in my palm like a rattle.


Supposed to be working


Haha, whatcha watching on YouTube? Woke up thinking about you at 2 this am lol. I haven’t forgotten you, crazy week! :slight_smile:


It’s been a crazy week for sure…just listening to music before I go back to work


I can do that all day on youtube lol


I always have music on when I’m working…I have music on when I do just about everything lol


Get to work! No sober slackerz!


Me too. I actually haven’t been listening to it at home much because the tv is always on and it’s a ridiculous sound war when I do. Been auditing all morning now I’m back in my office and need to turn it on-I bet that would help my mood some lol. Thanks for the idea!


Crackin the whip are you, boss man?


Hummingbird! What an experience!


So fun! I’ve been several times. It’s an amazing place. Mother Nature did a spectacular job there.


Almost time to actually start working.


It really was. I couldn’t believe it. It had been trapped in the big, hot, front window of a Big Lots in Durham. As we were leaving the cashier told us it had been there all day. There was this pinwheel display in the window and as we were pushing the hummingbird went to land on it. I don’t know how I did the possibility calculation but I knew the pinwheel would move and the bird didn’t. My left hand just snatched it out of the split second the bird was falling. All the kids started screaming and I told them to grab the basket and I ran out the door and flung it into the air. If it had not been so tired or thirsty there is no way it would have fallen just long enough for me to grab it. It was amazing. I was so glad my family was there be cause no one would ever have believed me otherwise.


@C-sun I had a similar experience with a hummingbird once. There are still times I wonder if it really happened. I was living in Oregon. After work I would run this trail along the Deschutes river and often jumped in at the end of the run. One day I jumped in to float down river a little and bobbing in the cold water was a hummingbird. I plucked it out of the water and held it in my hand while it dried its wings and warmed up. After a few minutes it lifted off and was gone!


Lolol. I always say my tan fat looks so much better than my white fat. Spray rays are my friends ever since I had melanoma. :sun_with_face:


At doctor’s office…almost 90 days… everything is down. Now at World of Beer, kinda like a sex addict going to Hooter’s for wings.


I’m home and looking forward to wearing other clothes. :rofl:

Here’s my knee that’s giving me grief. I’m trying to smother it in love so it becomes happy again. :heart: