Sober Leg Selfies


I know, here too! I had to bust out the jeans here yesterday. Such dramatic weather this year!


Isn’t it awful how quickly it can go from 80s to 40s back to 80s
Yesterday was 83 this morning was 39 when I got the girls on the bus. Burr


Shes being dramatic its 65 :roll_eyes:… She must be in her whitegurlll pumpkin spice mood today


Well now it’s up to 49 :joy: ass
But 2 hours ago it was colder.


I was refering to @daffodil … At 49… id say thats chilly for sure.


Haha sorry about the ass comment.
I’m a bit… Well more then sassy less then full on bitchy this morning :joy:


It is cold…and I don’t like pumpkin spice lol


He deserves it…


Good to know, won’t be watching it then. Always looking for movies my boys will like. Have you seen Kubo and the Two Strings? It’s Truman and Elliott’s favorite movie.


I love that movie!


So few of those cartoons are worth sitting through as the adult. That was a good one.


I’ve been debating whether the boys are old enough to see Princess Mononoke or not. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it, I cant remember if its bloody or not. Or captioned…


Didn’t see that, but The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea are big favorites of Colleen and I. They are PG for reasons I consider to be kind of dumb. Pipe smoking was in one of them and that was why.

Derailment Void

Ready for work legs.

a job where i get to wear leggings? Yes please!


Leg warmers leg selfie


Trying to work out what you are watching on your ipad?


Cuddling watching shameless season 9 came out last night but we watch it on Monday nights :heart_eyes:


@BondJaneBond your name tripped me out when you liked me picture :joy:
I was like who the heck is this and how are they a regular already. Haha


I need a pair of sunglasses & a non-alcoholic martini shaken, not stirred :sunglasses::joy:


So, olives? :joy: