Sober Leg Selfies


I want one. A martini glass full of shaken olives sounds good to me. Dirty as hell. Martini all dirt.


I could tell you my preferences, but then I’d have to kill you (they’re Top Secret) and I like you too much :hugs:

P.S… this message will self destruct in :15 sec :joy:


That was the only part of martinis I liked. The first one I had my dad made me. It was small and filled with olives and brine (I was in my late 20s). When I ordered one at a restaurant, I was horrified with what they served me.

Same with whiskey sours. In my family that means a frozen lemonade smoothies with a dash of whiskey. Apparently, that’s not what they actually are. :joy:


I only had whisky sours once. N____'s landlord invited us all over for thanksgiving and she had 2 pitchers to serve about 15 adults. I was like…??? That’s all? They were very good.


That does seem cheap for 15 people…


I am almost always happy to take one for the team as the designated drinker but martinis I can’t hang with. Too much dirt taste for me to handle.


An animated movie called Next Gen, found it on Netflix


It is more about volume. I could have killed half. Pitcher by myself during dinner if I had not been trying to be polite. I was still under this delusion that every one wanted to be shitfaced for their holidays.

Eta: I had blurry morning eyes. I thought you said doesn’t. Lol, carry on.


American bartending is cutting corners way too much (left waiting for the deniers) :wink:
People use shit like margarita-mix or bloody mary mix…etc…those should not even exist…but I’ll stop here not to get anyone offended or someones urges acting…
Don’t drink ppl…:slight_smile:


Work leg selfie!


Have a cold, rainy day sober legs.


Some sober baby chunky legs


Sober work legs :blush: In 10 minutes I have to get up ghaaaaa I don’t wanna :frowning:


nothing like working at your own pace. not making much money… Yet. … :moneybag:


Watching news and laying with my puppies and kitties


Day 144: Sitting in my car after doing “the next right thing” all morning.

I just did the thing I was scared to do and sent a text to my conference buddy that I won’t be drinking next week. She is a huge drinker and also a huge professional advocate for me so I had been messing around with not telling her and being sneaky or just pretending to not feel well or hiding.

But I haven’t hid from anyone else and I don’t want to hide. So I sent her the text and what’s done is done. Eek!

OH MY GOSH she just sent me the text “you’re funny no matter what can’t wait to see you.”

Take the risk, folks! Don’t hide! (I’m so relieved!!)


I am envious of your friends. Hopefully one day I can have some pets in home. I love dogs! But I am allergic to cats :cat:


What’s “Fibro”?


Beautifully handled @Snowflake! Proud of you for setting yourself up for success next week! You could’ve hidden things, been secretive, vague… and you didn’t! :clap:t3: Gutsy Sober Woman Award goes to YOU! :trophy: :heart:️:hugs:


@BondJaneBond Thank you so so so much, T. :heart::heart::heart: It was both such a little thing and such an enormous deal.