Sober Leg Selfies


Exactly! I know & love those lil’ tiny moments that really are monumental character shapers :slight_smile:️ Look at you!! :heart:️:hugs::kissing_heart:


I have fibromyalgia, here is a little info on it:


Sober camping legs at an abandoned batting cage facility. Fired up the coleman and made burritos. There’s even a cozy chair to sit in. #perseverance


Oh my goodness, Mandi! I had a 23 pound coonie for 17 years. His name was Sigmund. I love those kitties!


Launderette day again!
Got my favourite Nikes on and it’s a full house here.
Got to have your wits about you or someone’ll sneak in and half inch your dryer. 1 sock awol.
Shorts on again, revealing white lower legs where I have to wear big old boots through the week to stop my feet being crushed. But, happy to have my shorts on as it’s getting hot again!
My booze-bought car will need a bottom-end rebuild so rather than get all miserable I guess I’ll HAVE to stay sober for another year to have a booze-bought bottom end rebuild!


I Frecking love these laundry leg selfies you do.


That’s very kind of you @C-sun.
I’ve decided to put more news into my launderette post, to capture the atmosphere!


These boots are most definitely not made for walking, absolutely pained. Walked to a kids party (looking like bambi on ice) then walked into town so the husband to get take away and home again, just over a mile in total.
Can’t believe I used to wear heals on a daily basis before having kids


Super nice though


Next time I’m carrying my flats in my bag, the price you pay for vanity :joy:


Don’t judge my fashion sense lol


Best way to spend a Sunday morning, cosy pj’s, coffee :coffee: and crap TV :tv:


You are rocking the foot wear in general!!! Love those slippers


You double fist your coffee in the am?


Doesn’t everyone?


Super fluffy mini mouse :slight_smile: love them


One coffee was my husbands :joy:


Early sundaymirning walk Lake Bon Tempe.
We scared the wildlife with our Dutch japping


Calls slowed enough to catch some of the Rams game. Happy Sunday.


“5 more minutes” cuddles with the miniest after a long day.