Sober Leg Selfies


Obnoxiously loud running leggings. Sundays almost over. Enjoying the last of this weekend before the work week starts again.


slow day at the golf course legs.


Cracker sandwich after a run legs.


Sober leg selfie sitting in a chair at walmart charging my phone so I my alarm will go off in the morning and I won’t miss my IOP.


Your legs look uneven…


Pre run leg selfie :running_woman:


Starting book #10 since becoming sober 46 days ago!


Got a pedi from the lady legs :joy::rofl::joy:


I almost got that book, let me know how you like it! :slight_smile:


Figures… u wouldnt be rockin steelers colors after lastnight… Maybe cut that beard off if they loose that bad again…:rofl:


Gentle hooray for spoonies in recovery!


Recovery is a beautiful thing for us all! :heart:


They are swollen from bug bites and from sleeping in my car sitting up. Went to the walk in clinic and the gave me a steroid to help with the swellen.


The wife don’t have any yellow :joy::rofl::joy: Steelers colors was the plan.

And I can’t believe you’d suggest cutting off the beard! Never. I still wore my Steelers gear yesterday. Can’t win them all, but can still root for the team I love


Dolphins 2-0 best start in years. Not that they are winning anything but it’s fun to look at the standings and see the Patriots in second place :laughing:


How did my team do?? Who did they beat this time?? Go Browns


The lost to the Saints, but they put up a good fight. They’ll get a win this year, I can almost guarantee it.


Oh they will win…They will win big time…Go Browns :wink:


Sobers legs at work :grinning:


I want to start an Instagram of cute outfits ruined by work shoes.
I only have to wear them once in a while but it’s always on days when my shoes are vital to my lewk.