Sober Leg Selfies



Day 150 (How can that be!!!?! :blush::tada::boom::hugs::stuck_out_tongue::clown_face::joy:!!!)

Just landed in Minneapolis for a conference. On the plane I decided I needed to go to finishing school to learn to make small talk and be charming without alcohol.

Anyway, with me luck! First a quick (haha) 6.5 miles on the treadmill.


Good choice in books! Let me know how you like it!


Have you read it??


Post nap sober legs. With a fat dachshund.


Yaaaaaassss :raised_hands: :raised_hands:
I forgot to get evidence of my cute outfit spoiled by steel toes today :frowning:


I dont wear cute outfits to work but i got ya covered on the steel toes today…lol


Yes it was the last book that I read! Which is why I’m such a badass now… :roll_eyes:


haha damn! Well if I can end up being half like you, I’ll be in good shape :raised_hands:t3:


New shoes and sober legs riding home.


Conference Hotel Room Legs. So tired, but off to “liquid networking.” It went well last night, but tonight everyone is gearing up for a big night in the town. I (kinda) gotta go because this is where everything happens, so I’ll have fun and hope everyone gets sloppy early so I can go to bed early. :stuck_out_tongue:


Friday night at the Launderette / Laundromat!
Not my normal day or time and I’m out of my comfort zone…
Not helped by having my 3rd favourite Nikes on. They’re my 3rd favourite because they’re new. My OCD gets a bit uneasy with ‘new’.
And I don’t like that giant white tick. I might have to get a felt pen and change it to black.
I’m thinking about getting a Talking Sober petition together about the volume of daily ‘Likes’. It’s my duty to Like everyone that checks in, has a sober selfie, sober leg selfie and posts a photo of their pet/s. And I run out every day! This is beyond the pale.
Also, it’s a bit nippy tonight.

Petition to stop the mad restriction of likes

Standing desk legs


You can share the sentiment at: Petition to stop the mad restriction of likes


“Someone is lucky I am sober and dont want to add them to eventual amends list” legs…that foot wants to be placed in an efficient manner up someone’s posterior…but we shall handle it professionally and understand that even a village idiot needs to be respected.


wow - your feet are so far away… you must be tall. :slight_smile:


Cell phone leggings sober legs while I wait for my game to update to play with hubby, eating junk food


Never seen these leggins before…but didn’t need to see who posted this to know that those were your legs…I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing :wink:


Haha I am the one with all the crazy leggings :joy:


Yes you are :wink: